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23 which showed workers digging a trench in what seemed to be an effort to fortifying the border in the DMZ.
My Love DMZ has all the qualities that can be defined as Korean.
4 million people and 700,000 vehicles have crossed the DMZ en route to the Kaesong complex.
Featuring three 10/100 Ethernet ports and browser-based management, the Model 2823 DMZ Secure Router makes it easy -- and inexpensive -- for organizations to isolate their web servers in a secure demilitarized zone (DMZ).
DFL-800: suitable for SME branch offices with up to 150 users, featuring dual WAN ports, I dedicated DMZ port, 7 LAN ports and 300 IPSec VPN tunnels.
Excluding humans from the DMZ has allowed an unexpected and extraordinary experiment with nature to unfold.
Granted, to be there at any base is tough due to having to be away from loved ones for a year, but I don't think it's fair to place emphasis on one base that's so far from the DMZ.
According to Professor Ke Chung Kim, from the Center for Biodiversity Research at the USA's Penn State University and a founding member of the preservation group DMZ Forum, much of the world's population of rare red-crown and white-naped cranes winter in the DMZ.
DMZ acquired the project for $652,000 in January 1999 from Robert and LuAnne Vogel, Robert Vogel Jr.
On the same trip, I joined a USO tour of the DMZ at the truce village of Panmunjom.