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Slight drop in securities prices after a sustained uptrend. Analysts often advise investors to buy on dips, meaning to buy when a price is momentarily weak. See: Correction, break, crash.


A small decrease in a security's price after a significant uptrend. Some investment advisers and technical analysts recommend buying after a dip if there are signals that the uptrend will continue afterwards. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a dip is temporary or if it is the beginning of a trend reversal.


A small, short decline in a variable such as the price of a security or interest rates. A broker may advise a customer to accumulate a particular stock on dips. When the security begins declining in price, it is difficult to know if the decline is just a dip or if it is the initial step in a more substantial price reduction.


See debtor in possession.

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When 3.7 V (the usual battery voltage) is biased to the DIP switch, depending on the DIP switch status, the voltage is biased to the 74HC04 and SPDT devices, and positive voltage then flows to the ground along the radiator pattern.
Simplicity in set-up and operation is assured since all parameters and set-up selections are made using dip switches and potentiometers.
Installation of the new valve positioner is made simple through the Process TUNE function and integral DIP switches which are used to set up the close tight function, select characteristic curves, select manual/automatic operation and use binary input to control valve activation.
Typically, yellobriks are configured via the integrated module rotary switches, dip switches and indicators and with the availability of yelloGUI, users now have an enhanced level of yellobrik configuration for advanced features & settings.
The QM Remote Cycle unit features a NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, open and interval times adjustable via dip switches, and manual override.
Software calibration eliminates zero/span pots, DIP switches and pushbuttons for easy programming.* Acromag Inc., Wixom, MI 48393.
Parameters can be set using externally accessible DIP switches or the lockable keypad.
A six-pin VGA power supply can provide more juice for setups with large numbers of cards, and DIP switches let the user toggle on or off PCIe lanes.
Even the iPhone configuration looks like DIP switches ...
To help minimize encoder inventories and their associated costs, four families of programmable incremental encoders are offered that can be quickly and easily programmed using either user-friendly PC software or mechanical DIP switches. Available with either optical or magnetic sensing principles and in various shaft designs, these encoders allow both impulse count and rotational direction to be programmed.
Does your explanation of how to log on to the school's wireless network go perfectly because you once spent two days trying different IRQs and flipping dip switches, trying to get your network card and mouse to work at the same time?