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Dual Income with No Kids

Also called DINKS. In marketing, a term for households with two adults, either a married couple or life partners, with no children. Usually both partners are employed but occasionally one partner brings home two incomes. They are important to marketers trying to sell luxury items such as vacations or expensive household items. Because DINKS tend to have large disposable incomes, marketers often target new technologies at them. Many DINKS ultimately have children and become, in marketing terms, DEWKS.
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An abbreviation for “dual income,no kids.” A slang expression for a particular income market.

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Lauren Morley assembled a collection of Shrinky Dinks pieces to make a colorful mobile featuring inspirational words that flutter in the breeze.
MATERIALS * Shrinky Dinks[R]] * Colored pencils, markers or drawing materials specified for the particular surface texture of Shrinky Dinks purchased * Hole punch (optional) * Scissors * Toaster oven or stove * Oven mitt * Brown paper bags
Yet 19% of the middle class have visited Europe (20% and 19% respectively for modern women and DINKs).
But the DINKs exhibit a very different pattern; 60% of them traveled with their spouses.
49% of the middle class have traveled three times or more, compared to 54% of modern women and 55% of DINKs.
The middle class, modern women and DINKs all dine out more than three times a week on average.