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Dual Income with No Kids

Also called DINKS. In marketing, a term for households with two adults, either a married couple or life partners, with no children. Usually both partners are employed but occasionally one partner brings home two incomes. They are important to marketers trying to sell luxury items such as vacations or expensive household items. Because DINKS tend to have large disposable incomes, marketers often target new technologies at them. Many DINKS ultimately have children and become, in marketing terms, DEWKS.
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An abbreviation for “dual income,no kids.” A slang expression for a particular income market.

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Supporters of Dink's family have long feared that those behind the murder were protected by the state and have asked for a deeper investigation.
Many Turks believe Dink was the target of arch nationalists because of articles he wrote about Armenian identity and references he made to a Turkish "genocide" of Christian Armenians in 1915 -- an accusation Turkey strenuously denies.
"And the government does not see that Dink s trial is a great opportunity to clear the dark face of the state with the light of the reality," she said.
Two years before he was killed, Dink received a suspended six-month jail term for "insulting Turkey's identity" in an article.
In this series the report focused on the middle class of China; and two sub-segments of the middle class specifically: China's modern women and the "double income with no kids" households (DINKs).
Die regte dag om 'n Carver-verhaal te vertaal dink sy--want sy assosieer hom nog altyd met die saamhark van hope en hope droe blare.
Dink's murder suggests that a foundation for national reconciliation exists in Turkey.
The photograph, taken by a security camera two blocks from the scene of Dink's shooting, had been broadcast across Turkey, and showed the suspect allegedly toting a gun and running from the scene.
Dink will remain as assistant trainer to his daughter.
Samast, Dink's suspected murderer, had links to ultranationalist organizations.
Turkey's Supreme Court of Appeals has overturned previous rulings acquitting the Hrant Dink murder convicts of