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Dual Income with No Kids

Also called DINKS. In marketing, a term for households with two adults, either a married couple or life partners, with no children. Usually both partners are employed but occasionally one partner brings home two incomes. They are important to marketers trying to sell luxury items such as vacations or expensive household items. Because DINKS tend to have large disposable incomes, marketers often target new technologies at them. Many DINKS ultimately have children and become, in marketing terms, DEWKS.


An abbreviation for “dual income,no kids.” A slang expression for a particular income market.

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And the government does not see that Dink s trial is a great opportunity to clear the dark face of the state with the light of the reality," she said.
Last year, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Turkish authorities to pay 100,000 euros to Dink's family in compensation, saying authorities had failed to adequately protect Dink even though they knew ultra-nationalists were plotting to kill him.
The vast majority of the middle class, modern women and DINKs have purchased luxury goods, with modern women showing the highest propensity to do so," the report said.
Ek dink dit behoort goed te werk-die gestrooptheid van sy taal behoort goed weergegee te kan word in Afrikaans; tog dink ek nie dat dit heeltemal so maklik gaan wees om dit te doen nie.
I trust that the trial will finally serve justice to Dinks family, friends and colleagues, Mijatovi?
Hrant Dink, an Armenian-Turkish journalist, was assassinated in Istanbul in January 2007 by Ogun Samast, a 17-year old
Dink sues producer, Punky Solomon, and backer, Manny Gold, for the credit and royalties to the song, and in the process is thrown into a reprise of the past, turning up facts and bitter truths of why Anna held back her answer to Dink's marriage proposal on a New York rooftop and what really killed her.
So I would just like to say another big thank-you and a happy birthday to you Dink Luckhurst
Tide and fellow Jack Russell Dink tumbled 70ft down a narrow crevice.
Star wrestler Joey Nicci hooks up with the public school wrestling squad and falls in love with his buddy, Dink.