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The DDA on the other hand termed the move " illegal" and said the corporation cannot sublet the plot to a private party.
Feng and Wu [21, 22] deduced the theoretical formula of the block displacement under the static condition and analyzed the complete implementation process of the open-close iteration in the DDA method, which proved the rationality of the open-close iteration but did not improve the poor convergence of the implicit open-close iteration.
In fact, the book may be viewed as an annotated checklist, based on the list of questions, decisions, and knowledge gathered by the librarians at Waidner-Spahr Library while they were exploring the DDA option.
DDA - The First Winner of the Annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App of 2012
The village cost Rs10 billion, of which Rs7 billion was provided by the DDA last year in lieu of 300 apartments that DDA is now supposed to sell to recover the money after the construction company complained of lack of liquidity.
Mr Gates said: "The DDA is unique in that we can help companies tap into some of the most creative and original thinking in technology in the world today.
Yes, prior to October 1, 2004, the DDA did not apply to employers with fewer than 15 employees.
DDA, founded in 1970, will keep 26 publicists at its offices in London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Cannes.
The DDA may be increased throughout the year by management action in a variety of ways, such as leaving a position vacant, creating a revenue initiative, or agreeing to reduce a line-item appropriation.
I could not have waited all my life for DDA to deliver me a housing site.
DDA would go on to be an industry leader in many other areas, becoming one of the first all digital video and animation studios as well as developing some of the first successful search engine marketing and optimization strategies as far back as 1996, well before SEO became a standard industry buzzword.
The study is an in-depth consultancy programme run by the DDA.