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American Stock Exchange

On October 1, 2008, it changed its name to NYSE Alternext U.S. Prior to its 2008 acquisition by NYSE Euronext, the American Stock Exchange was a mutually owned stock exchange located in Manhattan. Of the three main U.S. stock exchanges, it has the most liberal policies on company listing, having more small companies than either the NYSE or NASDAQ. As a result, it is smaller than either of those stock exchanges by trading volume, handling only about 10% of American securities.

Athens Exchange

A major securities exchange in Greece. It was established as the Athens Stock Exchange in 1876. In 2002, it became the Athens Exchange in a merger with the Athens Derivatives Exchange. It trades stocks, bonds and derivatives. More than 300 publicly traded companies are listed on the Athens Exchange.
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Perhaps the DBMS area should be declared solved, and energy and research efforts allocated elsewhere.
The Hibernate mapping files allows us to configure several data sources to our application, specifying the same virtual schema or table to more existing DBMS. Every time the client application is sending a commit command to the distributed database, the data is inserted (or updated, removed) in all corresponding data sources.
In this sub-section, we will briefly introduce the related DBMS aspects for Cellular DBMS, which includes the concepts of storage models and embedded databases.
The DBMS must be relational and object-oriented enough to capture and manage the vast variety of data types, properties, behaviors, and relationships of data that exist in an enterprise.
In its favour, Oracle's Unix database product continues to dominate in the relational database segment of the market, which makes up 80% of DBMS revenue.
"These numbers clearly show how the economic downturn has started taking its toll on the DBMS software market," says Colleen Graham, industry analyst for Gartner Dataquest's Information Management Software group.
Of particular importance here is acquiring a good working knowledge of the most prevalent systems presently being employed in most organizations: transaction processing systems (TPS), database management systems (DBMS), management information systems (MIS), decision support system (DSS), data warehouses, and electronic document management systems (EDMS).
PointBase provides another 100% Pure Java DBMS. The last two partners bring XML authoring tools to the mix - Extensibility's XML Authority v1.0, a schema design and conversion tool, and Vervet Logic's XML Pro v2.0, an editor.
This includes a mainframe computer, a standalone or networked microcomputer, a database management system (DBMS), a system that uses electronic data interchange (EDI) technology or an electronic storage system.
In addition, IRS computer audit specialists (CAS), whom the Chief Counsel's Office consults in respect of ADP system record-retention matters, are only now undertaking detailed examinations of the sophisticated Database Management Software (DBMS) systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology that many taxpayers implemented or expanded substantially during the 1990s.