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Means “diameter breast-high”;the diameter of a tree at a point 41/2 feet above the ground.

Many homeowners associations prohibit cutting trees of a certain DBH on one's own land, unless the property owner receives prior approval.

When selling timber, purchasers generally need to know the average DBH for the trees. The information is also necessary to calculate tonnage of timber, which is the more modern way of pricing, rather than calculating board-feet.

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These conifer stands, although essentially monocultures, did have larger DBH deciduous trees scattered throughout.
5 cm dbh, 410-494 stems and 97-109 species (Rondon et al.
Secondly, autonomy and natural resources allow some of the regions to receive excessively high share of DBH SDA transfers (due to the design of the scheme).
2], this fraction of the population with DBH between 5 cm and 20 cm is CI = 108,963 < [bar.
Simple linear regression and Pearson's correlation were used to assess the relationship between DBH and the severity of mistletoe infestation (number of mistletoe clusters per tree).
We determined total number, species, condition, and DBH for all stems [greater than or equal to] 3 cm DBH within the plot to estimate basal area and Shannon-Wiener diversity, and we used a spherical densitometer to estimate canopy cover (Strickler, 1959).