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Means “diameter breast-high”;the diameter of a tree at a point 41/2 feet above the ground.

Many homeowners associations prohibit cutting trees of a certain DBH on one's own land, unless the property owner receives prior approval.

When selling timber, purchasers generally need to know the average DBH for the trees. The information is also necessary to calculate tonnage of timber, which is the more modern way of pricing, rather than calculating board-feet.

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In the circular plots below tree crowns a large fraction of the trees (including the ones with the largest dbh) showed very low levels of fruit production, and few individuals produced most of the fruits for three consecutive years.
Moreover, the positive correlation between the size of the whip spiders and the DBH of the trees on which they were found suggests that large individuals can hold the largest trees, which present a higher probability of presenting buttresses.
(1992) noted that Cerulean Warblers were more often found in trees with larger dbh, and spent most of their time above the middle of the tree.
We also observed juvenile male RCWs foraging on smaller dbh hardwoods such as winged elm and sweetgum.
DBH bought Belasis Business Centre from North-west businessmen John Fifield and Patrick Holme, of Osborne House Investments, for a sum believed to be around pounds 2m.
Staining for DBH was positive in 8 carcinoids and 15 pheochromocytomas (P = 0.04).
where [D.sub.n] is dbh of an individual neighboring tree and [dist.sub.n,f] is the distance between neighboring and focal trees.
Linear regression was performed on age class and dbh data for the three species chosen for age class analysis.
Habitat characteristics used as dependent variables included: mean stand density, mean stand DBH, variation in stand DBH, snag density, mean snag DBH, shrub height, shrub cover, and CWD, resulting in a total of eight linear models.
From the data I compiled floristic tables of family, genus and species and then generated these physical structure parameters (1) the total number of stems, the mean dbh among those stems, and the number of stems in each of four size classes: 10 cm < 20 cm dbh, 20 cm < 30 cm dbh, 30 cm < 40 cm dbh and those with a dbh [greater than or equal to] 40 cm, (2) the total basal area which is the sum of the basal areas of all individual stems ([SIGMA][pi][r.sup.2]; where r = the dbh of the individual stem / 2), (3) the aboveground (AG) biomass of all the trees (using the formula in Nascimento and Lawrance [2002] suggested for tropical trees of these stem sizes), (4) the percent closure of the canopy (using the formula in Buchholz et al.
DBH is a behavioral health provider specializing in the evidence-based treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders and an array of mental health conditions.