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Means “diameter breast-high”;the diameter of a tree at a point 41/2 feet above the ground.

Many homeowners associations prohibit cutting trees of a certain DBH on one's own land, unless the property owner receives prior approval.

When selling timber, purchasers generally need to know the average DBH for the trees. The information is also necessary to calculate tonnage of timber, which is the more modern way of pricing, rather than calculating board-feet.

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Both DBH and [rho] were not significant in any model, and including these parameters in isolation did not improve [R.
This was defined as the change in relative basal area of trees > 10 inches DBH for a given species from the beginning of the study period to the end of the study period.
Based on the results of the DBH analysis, it is plausible that part of the reason for the pattern of hot spots is due to tree size, given the positive relationship between DBH and mistletoe severity (Fig.
Several studies have sampled trees >10 cm dbh showing: (1) for density 693 individuals/ha (Valencia et al.
Characteristics of roost trees, such as height of tree, height of lowest live branch, dbh, and species of tree were documented along the baseline.
A total of 29 species with a DBH [greater than or equal to] 10 cm was documented.
This was a roughly 100-year-old, 21-acre stand with about 40 trees per acre, average height about 90 feet with a 17-inch dbh (diameter at breast height).
Serviced offices are a growing market in the North-East with variety of providers for several such premises including Regus, Citybase, City Executive and Wingrove House in Newcastle, Regus and DBH in Gateshead and Regus on Doxford International Business Park in Sunderland
Belasis Business Centre, at Billingham, has been bought by Liverpool-based DBH Serviced Business Centres.
For each gap encountered, the number (single-or multiple-tree) and dbh of the gap maker(s) were recorded (Runkle 1992).
Trees were identified and the dbh measured to the nearest 0.