Cyclical stock

Cyclical stock

Stock that tends to rise quickly when the economy turns up and fall quickly when the economy turns down. Examples are housing, automobiles, and paper.

Cyclical Stock

Stocks that tend to do poorly when most of the economy as a whole is performing poorly and vice versa. Cyclical stocks may represent publicly-traded companies that are perceived to be luxuries or that sell expensive products. For example, car companies sell expensive products (cars) that many people perceive to be necessities. However, because they are expensive, consumers in bad economic times may decide to wait to buy cars until the economy improves. On the other hand, car companies tend to do rather well when the economy is doing well.

cyclical stock

Common stock of a firm whose profits are heavily influenced by cyclic changes in general economic activity. As investors anticipate changes in profits, cyclical stocks often reach their high and low levels before the respective highs and lows in the economy. Compare countercyclical stock.
When should I invest in cyclical stocks?

With the proper crystal ball, you should buy cyclical stocks six months before the earnings in the target group begin to move up, and sell the group six months before the earnings turn down. Note: Most crystal balls are cloudy!

Steven Flagg, Senior Vice President—Investments, UBS PaineWebber, Mount Kisco, NY

Cyclical stock.

Cyclical stocks tend to rise in value during an upturn in the economy and fall during a downturn. They usually include stock in industries that flourish in good times, including airlines, automobiles, and travel and leisure.

In contrast, stock in industries that provide necessities such as food, electricity, gas, and healthcare products tend to be more price-stable, as do companies that provide services that reduce the expenses of other companies. Those stocks are sometimes called countercyclicals.

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The performance of a cyclical stock is mainly driven by general economic conditions.
But yes, we also have to accept that we are a cyclical stock and are to some extent dependent on the economic development.
Being a cyclical stock, however, it is expected to be volatile.
Caterpillar is a cyclical stock, and there's always a battle between a slowdown in the economy and growth expectations," said Shawn Hackett, president at Hackett Financial Advisors in Boynton Beach, Florida.
A highly cyclical stock against a potentially improving macro background.
Given the current economic uncertainty (GDP dynamics, rouble depreciation, unstable capital markets) we believe it is too risky to hold a volatile cyclical stock like CTC Media.
Investors fled this cyclical stock back when recession fears gripped the market, and the share price plunged 50% from early July through late September.
But Tomkins is an early stage cyclical stock, that will see sales as soon as the US begins to recover.
Anyone searching for a counter cyclical stock that benefits from high unemployment and a weak credit market needs to start looking at pawn and payday lenders.
LONDON, Jumada I 11, 1435, Mar 12, 2014, SPA -- European shares fell on Wednesday, with cyclical stocks retreating on concerns over Chinese growth, persistent tensions in Ukraine and below-forecast earnings reports, Reuters reported.
So-called cyclical stocks in the basic materials, financial and energy sectors, which tend to rise with optimism over the economy, combined to add 34 points to the index.
In terms of sectors, the more cyclical stocks are preferred because at present the movement is from a liquidity-driven bull market to a growth-driven bull market.