Cyclical stock

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Cyclical stock

Stock that tends to rise quickly when the economy turns up and fall quickly when the economy turns down. Examples are housing, automobiles, and paper.
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Cyclical Stock

Stocks that tend to do poorly when most of the economy as a whole is performing poorly and vice versa. Cyclical stocks may represent publicly-traded companies that are perceived to be luxuries or that sell expensive products. For example, car companies sell expensive products (cars) that many people perceive to be necessities. However, because they are expensive, consumers in bad economic times may decide to wait to buy cars until the economy improves. On the other hand, car companies tend to do rather well when the economy is doing well.
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cyclical stock

Common stock of a firm whose profits are heavily influenced by cyclic changes in general economic activity. As investors anticipate changes in profits, cyclical stocks often reach their high and low levels before the respective highs and lows in the economy. Compare countercyclical stock.
When should I invest in cyclical stocks?

With the proper crystal ball, you should buy cyclical stocks six months before the earnings in the target group begin to move up, and sell the group six months before the earnings turn down. Note: Most crystal balls are cloudy!

Steven Flagg, Senior Vice President—Investments, UBS PaineWebber, Mount Kisco, NY
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Cyclical stock.

Cyclical stocks tend to rise in value during an upturn in the economy and fall during a downturn. They usually include stock in industries that flourish in good times, including airlines, automobiles, and travel and leisure.

In contrast, stock in industries that provide necessities such as food, electricity, gas, and healthcare products tend to be more price-stable, as do companies that provide services that reduce the expenses of other companies. Those stocks are sometimes called countercyclicals.

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While those are consumer cyclical stocks with some tariff sensitivity, broadly speaking, the setups in that group favor NAIL.
That pushed a ratio of cyclical stocks versus their safer peers to the lowest in three years.
Other sectors for investors to avoid include cyclical stocks and high-yield bonds.
The analyst says fiscal 2020 consensus expectations are too high for a third of the companies he covers while the setup is tough for the second half of 2019 as comps are only easier for five out of 27 stocks "at a time when growth is decelerating." As a result, Ritchie downgraded three cyclical stocks to Sell, namely Cognex (CGNX) and Parker-Hannifin (PH) from Neutral and Kennametal (KMT) double downgraded from Buy.
Cyclical stocks continued to feel the pinch of anticipated slowdown in economy going forward.
Cyclical stocks continued to feel the pinch amid anticipated slowdown in the economy going forward, the report stated.
Some countries are benefiting from rising hydrocarbon prices, and numerous emerging-market cyclical stocks have held out well against the correction.
investors put their money where their mouth is, starting the year with a confidence-boosting rally in cyclical stocks. Driven by the coordinated global growth theme and no doubt reinforced by tax cuts, last night saw solid gains in US cyclical sectors including consumer discretionary; materials and info tech," Ric Spooner of CMC Markets said in a commentary.
Britain's top share index touched a fresh record high on Friday in holiday-shortened trade before easing at the close as weakness among cyclical stocks weighed.
To date, we have been only half right: Economies around the world are growing, and cyclical stocks have indeed performed very well.
Those who were long risk assets and cyclical stocks at the beginning of last year were caught wrong footed as concerns over Brexit, a Chinese hard landing, sagging oil prices, and the solvency of European banks mounted.
The risk model considered technology stocks and traditional cyclical stocks to be equivalent in risk to one another.