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A full orbital period.

Business Cycle

The continuous expansion and contraction of economic growth in fairly regular intervals. That is, a business cycle involves GDP growth and the creation of wealth for a period of time, followed by overheating and a recession. When the recession reaches its bottom the business cycle starts again. Some economists believe that the length and strength of business cycles are easily predictable, while others dispute this. A business cycle is seen as an inevitable part of the capitalist system. It is informally called a boom-and-bust cycle. See also: Industry Life Cycle, Kondratiev Wave.


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Schulman's testing revealed that BPF technology reduced an 18-min cycle for one part to 15 min while attaining similar tensile properties.
There are two types of plasma motion that determine the solar cycle of storms.
As the plasma moves, magnetic fields imprinted on it dissipate and reconcentrate, setting the stage for the next solar cycle.
As we mentioned, the exercise choices for these 4X4 cycles is unlimited.
The cell cycle is the orderly sequence of events by which a cell duplicates its contents and divides into two.
Conditions that are not corrected must be filed as "Unsafe" in the sixth cycle.
Conversely, non-existence statements are usually made about paths, and it is understood that the same statement holds for cycles.
Both the scale and the internal dynamics of Eniaios belie the impression created by the reedited, silent Twice a Man (which will be divided into four parts and incorporated in the as-yet-unseen cycles four, eight, fifteen, and nineteen).
From the womb of our parents home, we should be prepared to enter the next cycle of life with confidence and wonder at the world that is beginning to open up all around us.
Hoppers are often lined with a fluidization membrane that is active during the discharge cycle.
They not only began to began to understand that the "effectiveness of the work [any work] depends on the participation of the reader" (Iser16), they realized that short story cycles, because of their unique disjointed unity, grant even "more room for subjective interpretation and active participation" (Luscher 158).