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The effect of the anti-dumping duty and customs bond enforced from 2004 was dramatic on Indian seafood exports.
The first alternative, customs bonds, can be expensive.
Exhibit 1 gives some examples of the relative costs of customs bonds and customs broker.
com, Surety Solutions will offer an annual premium of $229 (including all fees) for the minimum, $50,000 continuous customs bond.
Visitors are able to easily apply online for a Customs bond or cargo insurance as well as register to use the web-based software.
Zep-Re manages the Comesa Customs Bond Guarantee (RCTG) Scheme, a customs transit regime designed to facilitate the movement of goods under Customs seals in the Comesa region and to provide the required customs security and guarantee to the transit countries.
02mln (XAF 800mln) customs bond to be offered to Cameroon Customs, enabling its arm, Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), to import the Gensets without paying import duty for 12 months.
The study suggests that customs pre-declaration or pre-entry, use of the single customs and regional customs bond guarantee scheme to cover the goods from the port of entry up to destination can reduce these times significantly.
To offset the reduction in revenue resulting from decreased subdivision writings, the companies have expanded their writings of license and permit as well as customs bonds, having contracted with a number of specialty bond brokers throughout the United States.
Now located at 140 East Main Street, Suite G, Bozeman, MT, TRG is an international surety agency providing Customs bonds, marine cargo insurance, and other trade-related products direct to companies that import into the United States.
Services include access to Web Merlin[TM], the most innovative technology in the customs bonds industry.

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