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a research tool which is used to elicit information about respondents' attitudes, opinions and preferences. In MARKETING RESEARCH, surveys are employed to discover more about potential consumers' views and perceptions of existing and proposed new products, and more specifically about the buying intentions of customers.

Surveys may also be used to discover employees' views on aspects of company policy and to assess employees' MOTIVATION, ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT etc.


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The process by which land is located with reference to commonly agreed upon landmarks or other points of reference, and then measured out for all of its boundaries, including distances and direction-and-degree of turns. Surveys will typically note any indicia of property lines, even if inaccurate, including fence lines and marks left by prior surveyors. A topographic survey will also include land contours. An as-built survey will include all improvements upon the property with their placement and dimensions.
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One primary difference between the traditional customer survey process and a customer feedback system is timing.
However, new online tools make it easier and faster to create, distribute, collect and even analyze customer survey data.
Austin, TX, September 24, 2014 --( Journyx today announces the results of the 2014 Journyx Customer Survey that reports a complete overview of how Journyx time and expense tracking software is used by customers, how data insights help customers to run a more efficient organization, and how vital cost tracking is to their everyday duties.
Preliminary data from customer surveys indicate high acceptance and need for this service.
The chain said the promise followed a customer survey that found 70% ranked queuing as their top frustration in supermarkets, ahead of unhelpful service and poor quality products.
Next Gen says it received so much unsolicited feedback that it was inspired to conduct an internal customer survey, inviting product users and/or their partners to rate their experiences.
KARACHI -- International automotive manufacturer Toyota has selected several of the Pakistan State Oil's (PSO) retail outlets to conduct a customer survey of motorists aimed at improving its services.
KARACHI -- The country's leading oil marketing company, Pakistan State Oil's retail outlets were selected by the international automotive manufacturer Toyota to conduct a customer survey of motorists.
Some customers received an email link to a customer survey, which promised 100 miles to anyone who completed it.
Further, his customer survey points to strong spending intentions and new product uptake ahead.
announced that OceanFirst Bank was ranked as one of the country's Best In-State Banks and Credit Unions and #1 in New Jersey in a recent customer survey commissioned by Forbes.

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