customer relationship management

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customer relationship management (CRM)

a strategic concept which focuses on business competencies, processes and technologies required to effectively service the needs and requirements of a firm's customers. As such CRM embraces key MARKETING activities and related INFORMATION MANAGEMENT in order to keep existing customers and attract new ones. The issue of customer retention has taken on a new imperative in the digital age, with the INTERNET and E-COMMERCE providing customers with greater opportunities to compare prices, switch suppliers etc. CRM recognises that businesses need to use these new technologies more proactively to their own advantage, either by developing IT capabilities in-house or relying on outside IT specialists, to provide call centres, sales force automation, marketing and data analysis and website management.
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Mr Dixon said: "We can provide a variable integrated e-business package specific to each customer which enables the end-user to integrate their e-commerce and database-driven website applications directly with their accountancy and customer relations management software."
In the software arena, Latin America's technology focus will shift away from Y2K and increasingly will center on customer relations management systems, predicts Sophie Leguillette, international product marketing manager for Epicor Software Corporation.
The expert on SMEs support Hussain Janahi will lecture to students expounding on customer relations management techniques, creation of liquid revenues, major resources, final cost restructuring techniques.
Focusing on concepts relating to dimensional modeling of data warehouses, the book begins with discussions of core concepts, including fact and dimension tables, integration with conformed dimensions, dimension hierarchies, and special purpose schemas, and continues with sections examining case studies in specific business domains such as retail sales, accounting, customer relations management, financial services, education, and health care.
"It is in this strategic context that we have created this new customer relations management tool that will enable us to better meet our B-to-B customers' expectations."
In Ventureneer's free webinar, Put Your Customers, Clients on Cloud Nine with CRM, nonprofit executives and small business owners will learn how to use Customer Relations Management (CRM) software to consolidate all the information needed about clients and customers, as well as how to use the cloud to increase access to the information and lower costs.
Further to the existing website, Sakan Finance plans to expand its online services to include a comprehensive customer relations management system through its Internet portal.
As per the agreement the two companies will integrate Novantus Umbrella Product Suite, which includes Novantus Intelligent Server, Distributor Suite (Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control), Customer Relations Management (CRM), Human Capital Management, Financial and Accounting, and Health Insurance Benefit Management Software with InterCare's ICE Electronic Health Record, Telemedicine and Tele-health System.
SCJ says it can offer retailers all the benefits of a major retail IT solution, with complete integration to its other operations such as customer relations management systems, ordering systems, stock management systems, utilising EAI, or enterprise application integration.
"Areas like business intelligence and customer relations management are still in their infancy."
That holds true for a number of industries and sectors, including customer relations management and marketing.

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