Customer's loan

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Customer's loan

Agreement signed by a margin customer that allows a broker to borrow margin securities up to the level of the customer's debit balance to help cover other customers' short positions.

Customer's Loan

An agreement that a client may make with a brokerage allowing the brokerage to borrow the client's margin securities to cover short sales and fail to delivers made by other clients. Margin securities are securities that the client uses as collateral in order to borrow from the brokerage and buy other securities. Even though the brokerage possesses the margin securities, they still belong to the client. As a result the brokerage must have a customer's loan agreement on file to use the securities for other purposes. A customer's loan agreement should not be confused with a margin agreement. See also: Margin account.
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The bank also said that its customer loan portfolio expanded by 16.
A laptop computer system called Envoy(SM) electronically equips the sales force with all the relevant information about customer loan status.
Net revenues for the first quarter decreased as a result of the smaller credit facility available to the Company for 2003 customer loan commitments.
4 billion while customer loan portfolio increased by 9% to QR16.
Under the terms of the agreement, HSBC will acquire RBS Kazakhstan's personal customer loan and credit card portfolios, together with four branches, 80 ATMs and two support offices.
9% in EUR millions H1 2002 H1 2001 31/12/2001 Total shareholders' equity 8,253 8,361 8,560 Net financial debt 7,032 6,630 6,419 Customer loan financing 5,279 5,156 5,422 -- CONTINUED OPERATING INVESTMENTS, CONTROL OF INVENTORIES AND TRADE RECEIVABLES -- The Group's net working capital requirement (WCR) continues to improve.
The e-Lending Interchange, the first fully-integrated service of its kind in Canada for auto dealers, simplifies the process of qualifying customer loan applications.
This is the type of special, multi-faceted customer loan that will help us achieve $750 million for our 2002 loan volume.
The all cash deal would cover RBS Kazakhstan's personal customer loan and credit card portfolios.
2m for customer loan losses in the half, less than the GBP702.
Factors that could cause such a variance include, but are not limited to, changes in interest rates, local market competition, customer loan and deposit preferences, regulation, and other general economic conditions.
Factors that may cause actual results to materially differ from those projected, forecasted or estimated in such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, State's inability to realize cost savings anticipated from the charter consolidation, higher than anticipated costs or difficulties associated with effectuating the charter consolidation, changes in interest rates including the effect of prepayment, general economic and business conditions which are less favorable than expected, heightened competition, changes in customer loan and deposit preferences, adverse changes in banking regulations, loss of key executives, and unanticipated changes in industry trends.

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