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We also expect the amount of debt at these entities to gradually fall as projects mature, operating performance improves with easing curtailment rates and project debt amortises.
The chief engineer believed that this year's curtailment schedule will have lot of respite for the Valley consumers.
When facing a potential curtailment period, facilities and plants have to consider more than simply losing natural gas supply--the cost of natural gas must also be considered.
These are both necessary for accurate predictions of demand spikes and delivering the correct amount of energy curtailment to each piece of equipment you operate.
Hyatt Hotels in New York City; Jersey City, New Brunswick, and Morristown, in New Jersey; Fairfax, Virginia; and Greenville South Carolina; have participated in demand response curtailment programmes during a current heat wave, and have saved around 760 kW of electricity in a day.
The association said that the curtailment plan would badly hit CNG sector in the militancy-stricken province where scores of CNG stations had already been closed because of continuous suspension of gas and security concerns.
The 2002 loss was reduced by a small increase in sales volume along with operating curtailments at high cost pulp facilities, dropping to a loss of C$ 127 million, compared to a loss of C $207 million in 2001.
KNICKKNACK-NICNAC beheadment and curtailment of both halves
Major war necessarily results in the curtailment of civil liberties.
A practical method for tracking the effect of curtailment announcements on lumber supply is described and tested.
Curtailment of load during periods of increased usage pushes the demand curve back to stable price levels.
They attribute this to a war-related curtailment of normal oil production and transport--activities that typically dump some 2 million barrels of oil into Gulf waters annually.