current yield

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Current yield

For bonds or notes, the coupon rate divided by the market price of the bond.

Current Yield

The income from dividends (for stocks) or coupons (for bonds) divided by the market price of the security, expressed as a percentage. This is sometimes used in making the decision of whether or not to buy a security, but it does not accurately reflect its return, as the market price changes constantly. It is also called the current return or the running yield.

current yield

The annual rate of return received from an investment, based on the income received during a year compared with the investment's current market price. For example, a bond selling at $800 and paying an annual interest of $80 provides a current yield of $80/$800 , or 10%. Also called rate of return, running yield.

Current yield.

Current yield is a measure of your rate of return on an investment, expressed as a percentage. With a bond, current yield is calculated by dividing the interest you collect by the current market price.

For example, if a bond paying 5% interest, or $50, is selling for $900, the current yield is 5.6%. If the market price is $1,200, the current yield is 4.2%. And if bond is selling exactly at par, or $1,000, the current yield is 5%, the same as the coupon rate.

If you own a stock, its current yield is the annual dividend divided by its market price.

current yield

see YIELD.

current yield

see YIELD.
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