cash price

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Cash price

Applies to derivative products. See: Spot price.
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Cash Price

On an exchange, the price of a security or commodity at the present moment. If one buys or sells a security or commodity, one pays the cash price. The cash price contrasts with the futures price. It is also called the current price and the spot price. See also: Spot rate.
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cash price

A price quotation in a cash market. In securities trading, a cash price distinguishes a transaction as being other than a regular five-day delivery, a difference that may be sought for tax or dividend reasons. In commodities trading, a cash price implies immediate or nearly immediate delivery as opposed to settlement in a specified future month. Also called spot price.
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The current price of Civic 1.8L will be applicable till 29 June 2019 on back order, new order and consignment conversion, where the full amount is received till 29 June and is inclusive of all taxes effective on the date of invoice.'
The statistics prepared by Oman news Agency (ONA) based on a number of bulletins issued by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) pointed out that during the 8th five-year plan, the GDP at the current prices grew by 4% while the estimated growth rate was set at 6%.
The value of UK household spending per head, in current price terms, was [pounds sterling]4,037 ($6,480, E4,795) an increase of 0.7% on the quarter and 10.3% when compared with Q1 2008, the quarter prior to the first fall in expenditure, including inflation, since 1997.
Part of this process is the introduction of a licence-based regime similar to that of other economic regulators, which the CAA expects to begin at the end of the current price control period.
Current price controls could be extended for one year to provide an opportunity for the next price control to be developed, in line with reforms to the framework for economic regulation which is planned by the UK government.
If the Current Price Index for any lease year shall be greater than the Base Price Index, the base rent shall be increased by an amount equal to product obtained by multiplying
The complaint to revise the current price cap at the airport is intended to remove what Ryanair thinks is monopoly abuses and overcharging if Stansted;s airlines over the past five years.
Hussain al-Shahristani said he was comfortable with current price levels which were high enough to encourage
April 2 - Zhejiang Medicine Co.Ltd., one of China's leading producers of Vitamins E, A and Biotin says it expects the current price erosion of those products to have a substantial impact on the company's profitability during 2009.
The reason is they are based on International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates of current price GDP growth (as opposed to real GDP) for the years in question.
That is slightly above the current price of USD$55.60, which means it is effectively inflating its fuel bill.

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