Current order

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Current order

In the context of periodic repayment schedules, the next periodic principal repayment.
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Current Order

The payment on a loan or other liability that is due next. For example, if a student loan is due on the third of each month, and it is currently December 8th, the current order is the loan payment due on January 3rd of the following year.
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Debenhams have said all current orders that have not been delivered will be processed, as will all returns.
RANGE Rover's first plug-in hybrid drivetrain is proving very popular, accounting for 20% of current orders for the prestigious SUV just weeks after its reveal.
The picture in industry was similar, as an improved assessment of current orders was offset by a downwards revision of output expectations over the next three months, the centre said.
On one hand government has unleashed loot and plunder spree through massive corrupt practices but the independent judiciary has come to our aid with giving us relief through the current orders for reduction in CNG prices, said a group of citizens.
The takeover will not affect the current orders and delivery schedules of Farnhurst Medical, the buyer said.
Revenues from the current orders are to be recognized by Ceragon during 2011.
Using ILOG's optimization software, the two plants match assembly line resources to customer and dealer specifications, thereby stocking only the parts needed for current orders. In the past, planning was mostly done manually--in 90 minutes.
EPIC will continue contract manufacturing at the facilities and will assume responsibility for Siemens' current orders.
Customers can also track current orders and shipments as well as their purchase and delivery history through the site's secure extranet, My Bii.
Other enhancements include orders management, which presents a global view of all current orders for all patients; a scheduling search engine that, when used with MediLinks Resource Manager, searches on first-available, multiple-recurring appointments using multiple therapists and resources; and annotated text comments to the patient charting record.

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