current maturity

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Current maturity

Current time to maturity on an outstanding debt instrument.

Current Maturity

The time between today's date and the maturity date for a particular bond. For example, if a company issued a 20 years bond five years ago, its current maturity is 15 years. The current maturity is important for a bond's valuation. See also: Yield to maturity, Duration.

current maturity

The length of time before a security matures. For example, a bond issued 15 years ago that had an original maturity of 20 years, has a current maturity of 5 years. The current maturity, rather than the original maturity, is important in valuing a bond.
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4 billion total facility, and extended its maturity by three years to February 2023; combined its existing two tranches of Term Loan A into a new single tranche of $750 million, and extended the current maturities to February 2023; and extended the maturity of its approximately $1.
48bn from this offering may be used by the company to refinance current maturities as well as to repay borrowings outstanding under ETP's revolving credit facility.
Two measures used by bankers to determine an entity's ability to repay its debt are the ratio of retained operating cash flow to total debt and the ratio of retained operating cash flow to current maturities of debt.
Cash and short-term investments exceeded long-term debt, including current maturities, by $30 million.
Current maturities are relatively modest during the next two years due to concentrated efforts during the past several quarters to reduce and extend debt maturities.
7m, completed refinancing transactions resulting in current maturities with due dates no earlier than 2018, as well as repurchased a total of USD20.
5 billion of short-term debt and current maturities.
8m of long-term debt, including current maturities, as well as USD17m drawn down from the previous credit facilities, which totalled USD40m.
Included in short-term debt are current maturities of $108 million of 1.
2 billion in credit facilities, offset by $80 million of short-term debt and current maturities.
1 billion credit facility availability, offset by $582 million in short-term debt and current maturities.