current market value

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Current market value

The value of a client's portfolio at today's market price, as listed in a brokerage statement.
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Current Market Value

The value of a portfolio. This is calculated by aggregating the market values of the securities represented in the portfolio. One may have a paper gain or a paper loss on one's portfolio when measuring the current market value. However, it is important to note that these gains or losses are not locked in until one closes the positions in the portfolio.
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current market value

The value of an individual's portfolio when the securities are appraised at current market prices.
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According to Aranas, PPHI still owes the GSIS nearly P101.6 million, or P1.2 million a month, based on current market values, for the period 1993 to 2016.
Based on current market values, a 19.5% stake is valued at RUB469.1bn (USD13.5m/EUR9.8m), according to Reuters' estimates.
Most commercial real estate lenders have been hesitant to force foreclosure or to work through the lender-owned (REO) backlog with sales at current market values. Much of this reluctance can be attributed to the damage done to lenders' balance sheets after the financial market meltdown late in 2008.
Schmidt, is a 'must' for any serious collector: it packs in over two thousand small color images essential to proper identification of a range of collectibles, offers details on history, fakes and reproductions, and updates all price listings to reflect current market values. From jewelry and glass pieces to coin-operated items and scales, WARMAN'S ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES PRICE GUIDE holds it all.
Cash for IT -- IBM Global Financing will buy back eligible assets based on current market values to put cash in customers' hands.
At current market values, the 16 million shares would be worth slightly more than $800 million.
Rothman said she wished the SBEA had a better grasp of current market values and the fact that co-ops and condos are overtaxed compared to owners of single family homes.
In the Netherlands, some companies go one step further and use current market values. For inventory, sale prices can be significantly in excess of current costs.
This meant repairs for almost all vehicles would cost more than 30 percent of their current market values, the allowable threshold set by COA Circulars Nos.
Those agreements generally provided for the timely collateralization of credit exposures at the current market values of the collateral and, in the case of derivatives, the current market values of the derivatives.
Whether the cause is off-balance-sheet assets or the failure to recognize current market values, when a company's current economic position is quite different from its financial position reported under GAAP, shareholders unwittingly may be holding either a gold mine or a stick of dynamite.
This ED defined financial instruments broadly and would have required for all financial instruments disclosures about credit risks, contractual future cash receipts and payments, interest rates and current market values.