current market value

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Current market value

The value of a client's portfolio at today's market price, as listed in a brokerage statement.

Current Market Value

The value of a portfolio. This is calculated by aggregating the market values of the securities represented in the portfolio. One may have a paper gain or a paper loss on one's portfolio when measuring the current market value. However, it is important to note that these gains or losses are not locked in until one closes the positions in the portfolio.

current market value

The value of an individual's portfolio when the securities are appraised at current market prices.
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With real estate continuing to be a safe investment option, the current market will continue to be nourished with capital, the fuel for development and liquidity.
Boeing, in its Current Market Outlook, raised its forecast for 400-seat and larger jets from 900 to 990, although it sees only 325 in the A380 size category, while demand for regional jets of 90 seats and below is now seen at 3,450 units compared to 3,900 in 2005.
Timely, informative programming focusing on current market issues and conditions.
Through expansions, acquisitions and joint ventures with foreign partners, Agnelli wants to nearly triple the company's current market value to US$25 billion by the end of the decade.
GE Capital Assurance is the current market leader in the long-term-care insurance industry.
To obtain the loan, Jordan gave the lenders warrants to purchase stock at $500 per share, the current market price.
This is a high growth market where declining vacancies are expected to generate significant near-term rental rate growth and existing rents are 20%-25% under current market.
We are extremely pleased to bring the Philadelphia Design & Distribution Center to our portfolio and feel that the particular skills that we bring to the table will allow further enhancement in value, especially considering the current market and property's topnotch tenant roster," stated Dolgin.
If your company or client is required to track the current market value of securities it owns, then you know what an irksome, time-consuming task that can be.
Taking advantage of the current market conditions, we felt now was the appropriate time to sell the asset.
Given its origin, and the constraints arising from reliability,, we believe the only useful financial accounting application of present value is for estimating a current market value that cannot be observed by any other method.
The rating upgrades are based upon the expectation of an improved risk profile of the companies upon the acquisition of 8,184 MWs of generation assets from the LS Power Group (LSP) and expectation that DYN, as an owner of wholesale power assets, will benefit from higher pricing in wholesale power markets as reserve margins continue to tighten and existing hedges are replaced at current market prices.