current market value

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Current market value

The value of a client's portfolio at today's market price, as listed in a brokerage statement.
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Current Market Value

The value of a portfolio. This is calculated by aggregating the market values of the securities represented in the portfolio. One may have a paper gain or a paper loss on one's portfolio when measuring the current market value. However, it is important to note that these gains or losses are not locked in until one closes the positions in the portfolio.
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current market value

The value of an individual's portfolio when the securities are appraised at current market prices.
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The current market cap for Inovalon Holdings is at $2.3 billion.
Biogen does not endorse TRC Capital's unsolicited mini-tender offer and recommends that stockholders do not tender their shares in response to TRC Capital's offer because the offer is at a price below the current market price for Biogen's shares and subject to numerous conditions.
Mumbai: The RBI announced a cap on the outstanding stock of external commercial borrowings at 6.5 percent of GDP at current market prices.
Azeez reiterated that TH dividend payments was not against the Tabung Haji Act 1995 and said the audit report by PwC did not include the value of the assets based on current market value.
Abbott said it does not recommend or endorse Baker Mills' unsolicited below-market mini-tender offer and recommends that shareholders not tender their shares because the offer is at a price significantly below the current market price of Abbott common shares.
However, he added that the current market situation "will pose challenges to many developers with regards to sales and financing of projects".
Thermo Fisher said it does not endorse TRC's unsolicited mini-tender offer and recommends that shareholders not tender their shares because the offer is at a price below the current market price of Thermo Fisher's shares and is subject to numerous conditions.
Julphar's General Manager Jerome Carle stated that the company's management has undertaken cost-saving initiatives and new projects "to optimise processes further and consolidate our current market shares".
However, in light of current market conditions, we are accelerating the planned actions to reduce costs."
Ekholm further cautioned that considering the current market environment, the company position, and the more focused business strategy, Ericsson foresees an increased risk of further market and customer project adjustments, which would have a negative impact on results, estimated to SEK 3-5 billion ($360- 600 million) for the coming 12 months, of which 30% is estimated to impact cash.
The head of the central bank of Italy has said that commercial banks could make significant losses if their bad loans are sold at current market prices.