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ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has summoned a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security in the Parliament House on coming Monday for a briefing on the current issues of national security.
Follow theLIVE updatesas some senatorial aspirants face off and discuss current issues of the country at 12 p.
Dr Chua then took a swipe at the current MCA leadership for its poor performance on critical current issues, saying the party showed neither courage nor political wisdom.
ELS-Independent Research Center has conducted a sociological survey on the eve of the 2018 presidential election in Azerbaijan to assess the current socio-political situation, voter turnout, and the population's attitudes to the current issues.
The Minister said after Parliament's session, he would visit regional countries for bilateral consultation on current issues.
Current Issues in Victimology Research, 3rd Edition
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rai welcomed on Thursday in Bkirki Russia's Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, with discussions reportedly featuring high on current issues and bilateral relations.
Summary: Hareth Shehab, a member of the Maronite Church-Hezbollah dialogue committee, announced Wednesday that committee members have noticed a heightened urgency from political groups in Lebanon working to solve current issues.
Students under FYUP are being asked to not only actively follow debates on current issues on social media, but also engage in online discussions with fellow students as well as prominent personalities.
As superintendent in a small Massachusetts district, I always look for ways to help my leadership team keep informed about current issues. I often forward articles on topics I think would be helpful.
The group exists to enable Members of the Houses of Commons and Lords to consider current issues topical to both Parliament and the chemical industry.

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