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In the 1880s, Mason urged members of the American Fish Culture Association to consider the efforts of some European fish culturists who used fresh water shrimp (and other small organisms) for cheap, self-reproducing fish food.
I can tell you from experience the worst job in the world is taking off those nets when it's snowing and cold,'' the fish culturist said.
The increase in fish consumption as a good source of protein and its cultural and religious acceptability are an indication that catfish culturists must live up to expectation of meeting the local demand.
One problem facing fish culturist is the need to obtain a balance between a rapid fish growth and optimum use of the supplied feed.
This book is a remarkable testimony to the popular culturist slogan, "popular culture IS culture." Through careful on-ground empirical observation, it relates how a variety of popular culture vehicles from the United Kingdom and Europe have generated tourism and tourist culture fandom.
McLuhan might have been the world's greatest popular culturist offering what some consider to be an articulated short cut to understanding the phenomenon of the world as viewed through pixels and electrons.
The silk is sold at such high rates throughout the country, but over here we are not getting adequate returns for our efforts," said Jeet Bandhan, a Seri culturist.
* Are you a property modernist, or are you a property culturist?
As described in Holliday, Hyde, & Kullman (2004), a small-culture approach moves away from the culturist focus on pseudo-homogenous national groups often described in stereotypical terms; moreover, it allows us to question the often tacit and unarticulated ideological issues at stake in people's meaning-makings processes.
Pop management theory in its 'high commitment workplace' guise still pursues this inclusive culturist ideal; the other side of harassment and sacking of union sympathisers is casual Fridays.
Are 19th century Presbyterians better described as 'culturist' rather than 'racists' perhaps?
A powerful "communitarian" or "culturist" movement began to gain force and stress the value of the community.