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The difference between the closing price on a trading day and the closing price on the previous trading day. The change may be positive or negative. For example, if a stock closes at $11 on Tuesday and $12 on Wednesday, it has a change of +$1. On the other hand, if the stock falls to $10 on Friday, it has a change of -$2. Change is also called net change. See also: Technical Analysis.


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The final objective, therefore, is to continue down this path and keep working toward sustained culture change, which will produce greater sexual safety for youths in custody.
Culture change approaches such as Live Oak Regenerative Communities, Planetree, Eden Alternative, Green House[R] and others have helped demonstrate what person-centered care could achieve.
There would have to be a culture change across the board to make things simpler for businesses.
Gouverneur's reinvention of its longterm care component applies the principles of culture change on a large scale for the first time in New York City," said Mitch Green, associate principal in RMJM Global Health Studio.
Today, culture change is an open, catchall term, sometimes liberally applied to careless definitions, unmarinated concepts, and unfinished agendas.
The researchers encouraged the culture change with a promotional drive that included coffee-break seminars, quizzes with prizes, a newsletter on hand hygiene, and the attachment of notices to staffers' pay advice slips.
Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt said: "The right to request working beyond retirement age will help to engender a real culture change, taking us towards a world where fixed retirement ages are consigned to the past.
As role models, the company's managers and supervisors needed to make changes in support of the desired corporate culture change.
This includes planning, training, executive development, recruiting, succession planning, human resources technology, culture change and regulatory issues.
the 25-year-old leader in behavior-based performance improvement, to facilitate its three-year culture change initiative.
Many practitioners believe these changes reflect a culture change within the IRS--from a service organization to a more aggressive enforcement organization.

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