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The CABANA steering committee anticipated a high crossover rate, but still set the intention-to-treat analysis as primary because "per protocol introduces many biases and can't be relied on for a study of this magnitude," Dr.
Situation 1 refers to a situation where the crossover rate is increased and the mutation rate is retained.
First the proposed algorithm was run for different crossover rate and support count keeping mutation rate fixed at 0.05%.
Besides, the intrinsic control parameters (population size NP, scaling factor F, and the crossover rate CR) play a vital role in balancing the diversity of population and convergence speed of the algorithm.
(1) Select encoding mode; set the crossover rate, mutation rate, and the evolution generation Gen = 0.
The total number of reproductions in this stage was the number of population sizes multiplied by crossover rate. After the above stage, the successive evolution stages continued.
The crossover operator alters two or more parents to create offspring, where a probabilistic crossover rate is usually used to generate offspring [7, 8, 10].
Cross Over: The trial vector [U.sub.i] (t) is obtained from mixing current vector [X.sub.i] (t) and donor vector [V.sub.i] (t) with probability Crossover Rate (CR)
The four principal GA parameters, namely, population size, number of generations, crossover rate and mutation rate were analyzed.
Given factor prices at the time of economic calculation, Keynes's MEC contradicts the NPV when the interest rate is below the crossover rate Factor prices can change in the future, but what matters is that the MEC contradicted the NPV at the time of the investor's economic calculation.