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Texas was among 13 states, joined by industry and labor groups, that sued over the so-called Cross-State Air Pollution rule in 2011, challenging the EPA's framework and complaining states weren't given enough time to comply.
He estimates that $1 million in environmental spending translates into 1.5 new jobs, but he notes that estimate is "statistically insignificant." That hasn't stopped some regulation proponents from arguing that environmental compliance could lead to a revolution in "green jobs." Ceres, a coalition of environmental groups, has claimed that two new air pollution rules, Utility MACT and the Cross-State Air Pollution rule (CSAPR), would generate 1.5 million new jobs--300.000 annually--from the additional $11 billion in new regulatory spending.
EPA's CAIR Replacement: The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
* Cross-State Air Pollution Rule: EPA is appealing an August court decision that nullified the rule seeking to curb sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from power plants in the eastern half of the country.
The Obama administration should challenge a federal appeals court ruling this week that rejected the Environmental Protection Agency's Cross-State Air Pollution rule, which would cut plower plant emissions of deadly chemicals that drift across state lines.
The TRAIN Act would also indefinitely delay two critical public health standards that reduce harmful pollution from power plants: the Mercury and Mr Toxics Standards for power plants and the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.
(47.) The Cross-State Air Pollution rule, finalized July 6, 2011,
Yet also in late 2011, a federal court dealt a blow to clean air efforts by suspending a federal cross-state air pollution rule that was released in July.
Protection Agency's compliance deadline for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule by three years and extend the deadline for the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology Rule by two years.
The quick implementation of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, scheduled for Jan.