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16] reported that the adsorption amounts in weight of NPE surfactants (NPE1800, NPE A, NPE B and NPE C) was constant for both hydrophobic silica and polystyrene latex and they scaled the anchoring distance s (square root of cross sectional area of polymer molecule) with the adsorbed layer thickness.
A similar trend was observed for total muscle cross sectional area, the percentage of muscle tissue and the percentage of connective tissue in fetal ST between C and U groups in a hill breed (p>0.
So we bring this variable factor into the formula by dividing the sum of the kinetic energy already divided by the cross sectional area by 508 or 200, depending on your measurement preference.
The data sheet provided spaces for the video freeze frame measurement of the cross sectional area of the hypopharynx before and during the Mueller's maneuver.
The variables examined were: cross sectional area (CSA) of each fiber type, relative frequency distribution (F) of each fiber type per microscopic field analyzed and relative cross-sectional area (RCSA) that a fiber type occupied in the biopsy specimens.
1992) uses the cross-sectional area at the midvolume point along with the cross sectional area of the ends.
Kongsgaard et al (28) demonstrated significant increases in muscle cross sectional area and strength using 4 sets of 8 repetitions at 80% 1 RM.
1--the runner cross sectional area is four times the area of the choke, and the total area of the gates is slightly larger than the area of the runner.
The cross sectional area of the fluid channel is in the shape of a trapezoid corresponding to the trapezoidal shape of the lines created on the silicon template.
The media volume (V) is equal to the cross sectional area of the media (A) times the cylinder length (L).