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He said Gordon used the Red Cross funds to finance his presidential campaign in 2010 and senatorial campaign in 2013.
For example, Repsol service stations are the main channel for selling tickets for the Golden Draw, with which the Red Cross funds programmes for children, the elderly and disabled people, and works with human resources and materials after natural disaster related problems, and helps and trains groups with labour-related difficulties and helps them find work.
| THERE have been many 'flag days' in Wallasey, as elsewhere, but it is felt that there have been none more important than that to be celebrated on Saturday next when the Mayor, with a loyal band of workers, will make a special effort on behalf of the Russian Red Cross Funds.
A further effort in aid of the Russian Red Cross Fund is to be made by theatrical and cinema managers in the district, who have formed themselves into a committee, with Mr R H Davy, manager of the New Brighton Tower, as chairman.
Mr Lawlor added: "Those who are receiving Red Cross funds this week have gone through the loss of property, trauma, and hardship.
A friend's $219 phone bill also was paid by Red Cross funds, as was a $212 dinner at the 111 Chop House in Worcester.
Chapter CEO, Dodie Rotherham, stressed that the money raised needed to be saved for future disasters and that the Red Cross funds were not meant to take the place of property insurance.
And Junior Red Cross contributions to Red Cross funds during the war totaled more than $3.6 million.
Earlier at the Kapihan sa Senado forum, Trillanes said aside from an ethics complaint, he will lodge criminal charges against Gordon for misusing Red Cross funds, which the latter chairs.
Others were furious that 18 families had to rely on Red Cross funds to get to the Bali service although the Government sent its delegates business class.
Estafa charges have been filed, while the DOJ also recommended to the AntiMoney Laundering Council to look into the alleged diversion of Green Cross funds to another company.
I find that, in the IDMAs and Cross Fund Subsidization analysis, my current results are robust when I include the average manager overlap rate in the model specifications.