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1. An improvement to an existing product. Some companies, especially technology companies, offer upgrades to customers for free or at a discount.

2. An improvement to the quality of securities in a portfolio. For example, one may sell a stock with a given risk and return and buy another stock with a higher return at the same level of risk. Alternatively, a security may upgrade by itself; for example, its issuer may announce higher than expected earnings, and, therefore, a higher dividend.

3. An increase in a bond rating. For example, if a bond goes from a junk rating to an investment-grade rating, the bond is said to be upgraded. This usually occurs when the issuer reduces its exposure to one or more risks.


to replace an existing COMPUTER system (HARDWARE and/or SOFTWARE) by a more powerful model capable of processing data faster or storing larger amounts of data. When upgrading, computer users can experience problems of compatibility with existing programs and machines.
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Running SUS server software on the local server allows the local server to synchronize with the Windows Update Web site and retrieve recent critical updates.
gov and related Web sites that deliver publicly available information about natural resources and hazards, including critical updates about earthquake activity.
If you are running Windows XP Home Edition, you can direct Windows to check for critical updates automatically.
It includes contemporary contracting methods; computer assisted estimating, project accounting, scheduling and document control; emerging technologies; and critical updates to standard construction contracts.
Dear Editor, - In his article 'Windows of opportunity to achieve an electronic nirvana' (Post, Feb 15), Chris Tomlinson says that Microsoft will shortly be preventing owners of pirated copies of Windows from accessing critical updates that will help protect them from viruses and other security threats.
Bernard's UpdateEXPERT currently offers complete client support for Microsoft Window Critical Updates and Windows Security Patches as well as Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 Service Packs, and Internet Explorer.
Keeping networked systems current on critical updates such as Y2K compliance and bug fixes ultimately results in increased end-user productivity.
Revision of a Bestseller - the new Sixth Edition provides the critical updates toxicologists need to keep up with the changing times
SMi's EfW event series has become a regular platform for industry leaders to collaborate and facilitate the growing need for sustainable energy through critical updates in the everchanging EfW landscape.
This conference is focused on the areas of food contact and food additives and is focused on providing critical updates for each of these fields within the US and wider international markets.
13 -- Two months after its launch, Windows 8 is receiving a host of critical updates to plug security holes that have been discovered lately.
lt;p>Earlier today, Microsoft delivered five critical updates that patched eight vulnerabilities in Windows, including one that the company won't bother fixing in Windows 2000 Server SP4.