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key success factors

the resources and capabilities/competencies/ skills a firm must possess to achieve some competitive ‘success’ and profitability in a market. For example, a pharmaceutical firm such as Glaxo Smith Kline must possess financial resources and skilled research staff to fund and develop expensive and innovative new drugs. However, this is not enough in itself to achieve a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over rival suppliers and deliver above-average profits; that is the firm must achieve greater differential competitive advantage by having superior resources and capabilities (technical, but crucially also managerial expertise) such as to create more value than its competitors. See VALUE CREATED MODEL, VALUE ADDED ANALYSIS, RESOURCE BASED THEORY OF THE FIRM, DISTINCTIVE COMPETENCIES.
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It should also explain why goodness comes in degrees, provide a standard that gives people the critical distance they need to assess their lives, yet still be related to their motivational set in a deep enough sense (among other general conditions).
(instead, Fass focuses briefly on early Indian captivity narratives, an interesting but less important analogue.) Third, the credibility of her analysis of the rise of psychotherapeutic approaches to sexual or violent crime is undermined by her own psychotherapeutic outlook; the resulting lack of critical distance - in sharp contrast to the cool detachment of her first book-entangles Fass in some troubling analytical and moral judgments.
The great virtue of historical reflection is that, by allowing us to see the genesis of such forms, the aesthetic eye cart achieve a greater critical distance and thereby see its objects in greater fullness.
The film totally lacks critical distance and provides a one sided treatment of the topic.
Angela Kimyongur's Socialist Realism in Louis Aragon's Le Monde reel is consequently a useful corrective to such views since it highlights certain misconceptions and misrepresentations whilst retaining sufficient critical distance to offer a balanced and well-written account of Aragon's fiction.
Her essay succeeds in maintaining a critical distance while remaining true to the tone of James's work, and in being, in its own way, unexpectedly moving.
Auslander writes that the "conflation of the cultural and the economic renders traditional notions of 'critical distance' impossible: the cultural can no longer presume to stand back from the economic/political and comment on it from without" (10).
to alert the reader to the routine discourses of contemporary culture, and he goes on to show how language in Barthelme's fiction loses its use and value to such an extent that it becomes well-nigh impossible to maintain a critical distance from it.
What results, claims Maltby, is a "metadiscourse" which, by exposing the processes of all sign systems, allows both a degree of disengagement and a level of critical distance from sign systems, something which in turn permits a provisional liberation of consciousness from the hegemony of late capitalism by "unwriting" its dominant language forms.
Perhaps, however, Harris's point is that within a successful constitutional order such as ours, real critical distance is far more difficult to achieve than is usually imagined.
Understanding words in this world-creating mariner enables the individual and the community to take a critical distance from their setting in order to consider how language affects their world.
It is rather a pity that the book lacks much sense of critical distance from the historical Jesus project, which is regarded as self-evidently necessary.

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