Critical Level

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Critical Level

1. A variable that has reached a sufficiently high or low value as to change the nature of what is discussed. For example, if the revenue of a small business reaches a certain level, it may need to hire additional employees, which could subject the business to more regulation, and this may result in the small business becoming a medium-sized business or even a large corporation. In this case, the revenue necessary to make this happen is called the critical level of revenue.

2. The time when a company's operations have become sufficiently profitable that it can sustain itself without further capital infusions or other sources of outside funding. Critical level is the goal of all start-ups, many of which may remain in the development stage for years or never leave it.

In both cases, the critical level is also called critical mass.
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In addition, there was a residual effect caused by years of fertilization, resulting in high P contents, much higher than the critical level calculated for these soils.
Both Angat and La Mesa dams have not reached their critical levels, but they could have reached spill levels had Egay not left the Philippines, Ramos said.
When readers reach a critical level of proficiency in decoding and vocabulary knowledge, these processes become automatic and reading becomes "fluent." Readers who have fluency are able to retain textual material in working memory while grammatical processing occurs.
A factor in some cases might he exposure to a high level of a specific toxic element, it could be long-term exposure to a critical level, it could be diet, it could be chance.
Poorly structured queries can often go unnoticed until utilization of an application reaches a critical level. At that point, performance degradations and/or downtime can seriously impact the business.
In some states, the shortage of NHAs is reaching a critical level.
But it is during the critical level - the changeover between the high and low phases - that we are at our worst and feel unco-ordinated.
"The law of nuisance," says Chicago economist Coursey, "actually would tend to use a rule that looked like a combination...: the apartment owner may make noise with impunity up to some critical level, and, if the apartment owner makes more than the critical level of noise, the single family may obtain an order of the court directing the apartment owner to reduce the noise down to the critical level."
So critical-level utilitarianism is neutral about adding a person only at the critical level. If therefore conflicts with the basic intuition, which is always neutral about adding a person, provided her life will be good.
Each occurs when a performance variable falls below a critical level. Depending on the event, the performance variable can be cash flow earnings, accounting earnings or stock value.
Environmental obligations have reached a critical level in the United States.
He said the water level at Sungai Gembut has reached -0.87 metres, below the 0.00m critical level.

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