Critical Level

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Critical Level

1. A variable that has reached a sufficiently high or low value as to change the nature of what is discussed. For example, if the revenue of a small business reaches a certain level, it may need to hire additional employees, which could subject the business to more regulation, and this may result in the small business becoming a medium-sized business or even a large corporation. In this case, the revenue necessary to make this happen is called the critical level of revenue.

2. The time when a company's operations have become sufficiently profitable that it can sustain itself without further capital infusions or other sources of outside funding. Critical level is the goal of all start-ups, many of which may remain in the development stage for years or never leave it.

In both cases, the critical level is also called critical mass.
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On the other hand, if readers do not have the critical level of vocabulary knowledge to comprehend a particular text, the reading experience is frustrating and unproductive, and it cannot contribute to vocabulary acquisition (Hirsch, 2003; Fowler & Scarborough, 1993).
No one with MCI who later developed Alzheimer's had initial blood caffeine levels above a critical level of 1200 ng/ml - equivalent to drinking several cups of coffee a few hours before the blood sample was drawn.
Although this book is suggested for young children, it also can be read on a critical level for political discussions.
Anderson said "the critical level is about 26 million s/f of potential (commercial) development.
According to the research, while nutrient removal trends have significantly increased, fertilizer consumption levels have decreased, validating the International Plant Nutrition Institute's (IPNI) study indicating more soils are falling below the critical level for phosphorus and potassium.
In a letter to the government, SNGPL has stated that there is already a 240 Million Cubic Feet per Day (MMCFD) shortage because the fault in SSGC line has not been rectified yet and the fall in temperature all over the country has increased the difference in demand and supply to a critical level.
The Mayor of the southeastern Bulgarian town of Elhovo, Petar Kirov, has urged locals to prepare for evacuation as the water level of the Tundzha River nears the critical level.
Tape libraries, a critical level of support - 3 units -
50% deterioration is a high level, whilst the critical level comprises 25%.
The central bank had announced that foreign currency reserves were at a critical level.
Summary: Egypt's central bank introduced a new auction system for buying and selling US dollars to help conserve foreign reserves, which it said had reached a critical level.
According to the FDA, treatment was considered successful if methotrexate levels fell below a critical level within 15 minutes and stayed below the critical level for 8 days.

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