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Neutrosophic crisp sets with three types are neutrosophic crisp set.
Due to the problems that the article was in relation to crisp sets, to overcome these problems, crisp data should be defined as a fuzzy, so as not to lose any data.
Observe that in the case of crisp set, the membership function can only takes the extreme values of the interval [0,1].
Therefore, 0 [less than or equal to] [alpha]D [less than or equal to] 1, if [alpha]D(X) = 1, X it is a definable set regarding the attributes B, that is, X is crisp set.
The research case scenario illustrates how one can use crisp sets and Boolean algebra to examine different combinations of conditions associated with cases.
These zones are given exactly in the shape of crisp sets, but the actual values of probabilistic information in the given zones remain uncertain.
A] of a crisp set A maps the elements of X to the elements of the set {0,1}, i.
Although no one would deny them the crisp sets, character-defining costumes and clarifying lighting that give their plays a thoroughly professional look, the directors and dramaturgs have been a bit too kind.
Stark but crisp sets by Michael Yeargan conveyed the hard life of fishermen in the town of Borough, and the ingenious use of period photographs as black-and-white backdrops stressed the realism of the drama.
In this paper, we aim to use the idea of the neutrosophic crisp sets to develop an alternative extension of the binary morphological operations.
Neutrosophics found their places into contemporary research; we have introduced the notions of neutrosophic crisp sets, neutrosophic crisp point and neutrosophic topology on crisp sets.