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Refers to the base support level for market prices of any type. Also used in the context of securities to refer to the lowest market price of a security during a specific time-frame.
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Market Bottom

The lowest level of support in price for a security, index, or market over a given time frame. The security, index, or market is highly unlikely to go below the bottom; if it does so, it may cause panic selling. During a prolonged bear market, when a market is dropping more or less continuously for a long time, investors often question when the market will find bottom, which means that they wish to know when the market will begin to rise again, or at least stabilize.
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The lowest price to which a stock, market index, or another asset will sink. Compare top.
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The creek bottom plunges deeper and the still, pooled water in the channel laps at the suspender hooks at the top of my waders.
We leave early and drive along the creek bottoms, thick with sycamore trees that have brown and white bark spots swirled together like camouflage, and pass Sugar Run Picnic Area, named after the sugary water that ran downstream from old moonshine stills.
As farmland deer retreat into wood-lots and creek bottoms after crops are cut, they often find themselves hurting for food.
I saw a buck that same day, in the same creek bottom, taking it with a vintage Mannlicher 9x56mm carbine.
We have one small and two large garden plots--a little over 6,000 square feet total -- and are planning on breaking out some creek bottom land for asparagus, herbs and other vegetables to sell.
When the barn, feeding shed and twin silos were destroyed by a lightning bolt during a late July thunderstorm in 1922, Dad somehow traded for the mill and its 20 hp Case steam engine, and had it reassembled on the south edge of the back 20-acre creek bottom woods.
We're perched in a pine tree 60 yards from each edge of a two-acre property situated along a creek bottom that meanders between hundreds of houses.
My creek bottom was running out and I had to make my way back up the hill toward another pasture.
If they're working, say, an alder-choked creek bottom, they can stay on the fringes, let the dogs get in the thick stuff, and then they don't have to get up on the dog to flush the bird.
Shortly after their return trip, a very respectable 10-pointer would start feeding into a small creek bottom behind some houses.
The entire creek bottom is one big thicket, hard to push through, difficult to get a clean shot.