Credit insurance

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Credit insurance

Insurance against abnormal losses due to unpaid accounts receivable.

Credit Insurance

An insurance policy protecting a company in the event that it does not collect an unusually large amount of its accounts receivable. A company's accounts receivable represent what it is owed on its credit sales. Every company that makes credit sales takes the risk that its customers will not or cannot pay what they owe. Credit insurance is one way to reduce this risk. See also: Factoring.
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Their products, he said, included short, medium and long-term export credit insurance, investment insurance, bond and guarantee business as well as credit assessment business.
While at its core, credit insurance works like any other insurance, there are some misunderstandings that surround it.
This article is the first to study the effect of claims incurred by a private trade credit insurer on its quantity and premium of export credit insurance. Using a unique bilateral country-level data set on insurance underwriting by one of the "Big Three" global trade credit insurance groups, I first estimate the average (benchmark) effect of a temporary increase in claims on the quantity and premium of export credit insurance at the country subsidiary level.
Founded in 2000, Tinubu Square is a software vendor and enabler of the Credit Insurance, Surety and Trade Finance digital transformation.
Under the memorandum, ICIEC will provide reinsurance capacity and Shariah compliant export credit insurance solutions aimed at promoting the UAE's non-oil exports, trade and strategic sectors development.
Jon is a recognized leader in the trade credit insurance industry with more than 18 years of experience.
Increased use of trade credit insurance and trade finance insurance could be a vital tonic for UAE companies' flagging confidence and could help see the UAE economy securely through volatile times.
Figures released by the ABI earlier this month show that trade credit insurance continues to represent good value for small businesses, who receive a quarter (25%) of the total value of claims paid, but pay just 15% of the total premium.
Another solution that companies can use to manage risk is trade credit insurance, a Business Insurance product that protects a seller against losses from nonpayment of a commercial trade debt, which is especially valuable to the energy industry, says Jay Rose, managing director of Euler Hermes Energy.
Updated banking regulations and a greater ability for banks to benefit from the financial strength of insurers are helping banks and lending institutions use trade credit insurance to bolster their bottom lines and better meet regulatory standards.
But as commodity prices rose and the business expanded both domestically and abroad, the company turned to trade credit insurance to protect itself in the event that a customer fails to pay.

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