margin department

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Margin department

The department in a brokerage firm that monitors customers' margin accounts, ensuring that all short sales, stock purchases, and other positions are covered by the margin account balance.

Margin Department

The department in a brokerage firm that deals with margin accounts. It monitors margin accounts opened by clients and ensures that they meet the minimum maintenance required by law and the brokerage itself. Additionally, the department makes margin calls and generally ensures smooth management of the margin accounts by the brokerage. It is also called the credit department.

margin department

The section of a brokerage firm's back office operation that is responsible for overseeing customer credit accounts. The margin department ensures that investors meet the margin standards determined by the Federal Reserve, the various exchanges, and the brokerage firm itself. Also called credit department.
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Credit departments and corporate finance departments are not equipped to deal with intangibles, restricting their ability to lend and undermining the whole asset class of intangibles which frequently support other business assets.
Experian credit ratings are used by a range of financial institutions, insurers and credit departments to monitor for both warning and improvement signs in the business performance of customers and suppliers.
Issuing an LBA at 91 days is a significant change from where we were a year ago and a clear signal that economic conditions and the problems in the Eurozone are prompting a change of behaviour in the finance and credit departments of firms across the UK.
18, 2011 (CENS) -- Taiwan's financial institutions, including domestic banks, foreign banks, credit co-operative associations, credit departments of farmers' associations and fishermen's associations, and the remittances & savings department of Chunghwa Post Co.
Lender willingness to lend is affected by the influence that credit departments exert from within.
Whereas before the credit departments of the carriers were more lenient, they're now insisting on stringent terms with respect to letters of credit, which often have to be backed by a bank, said Ben Fidlow, a chief actuary with Integro Insurance Broker's actuarial and analytics practice.
But it never should be an informal arrangement between the sales and credit departments.
Later this year, a phased rollout to the retail advertising sales force will take place, which will improve decision turnaround time and overall communications between the sales and credit departments.
Accordingly, credit departments need to be careful.
Management must also create an avenue of constant communication between sales and credit departments so that the services of one complement, rather than curtail, the other's.
Billfire specializes in creating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools that simplify receivables management for A/R and credit departments in companies large and small.
03 percentage points, while Taiwan's credit cooperative associations and credit departments of farmers' and fishermen's association witnessed the corresponding figures at 1.