credit balance

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Credit balance

The surplus in a cash account with a broker after purchases have been paid for, plus the extra cash from the sale of securities.

Credit Balance

The profit from a short sale that is deposited into a margin account. The credit balance consists of any maintenance margin the account holder must keep in the account as well as additional funds that may be withdrawn or used to buy more securities. This latter is called the free credit balance.

credit balance

Cash and the market value of securities held in a brokerage account. Compare debit balance. See also free credit balance.
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require institutions to provide a full list of account options that a student may choose from to receive credit balance funds, where each option is presented in a neutral manner and the student's pre-existing bank account is listed as the first, most prominent, and default option; and
Given the impact the rough winter season had on small-business revenues, the drop-off in credit balances can almost assuredly be attributed to a combination of larger creditors limiting business-to-business credit transactions and small businesses being more reluctant to take on debt," said Joel Pruis, Experian's senior business consultant.
Prosecutors say bogus bank account credit balances, property portfolios and draft lease details were used to support the application.
The credit balance reached SYP 161,8 billions in comparison with SYP 136,2 billions in 2009 while the credit plan in 2010 was SYP 30 billions and the execution rate was SYP 46,5 billions with an increase of SYP 16, 5 billions.
Summary: SHARJAH - A five-member Asian gang has been arrested by Sharjah Police for running a racket via transfer of credit balance on prepaid cellphone cards.
90% AER) on credit balances - almost double the interest paid out by the Big Four banks - aimed at businesses with an annual turnover of up to pounds 1m and with a minimum opening deposit of pounds 10,000.
First Direct offers two current accounts, a cheque account that pays interest on credit balances of 0.
Credit balances affect the accuracy of your accounts receivable.
As the Pension Protection Act was passed into law last August, the Committee on Benefits Finance played an integral role in shaping the discussion on credit balances, hybrids, smoothing and transition.
THE Halifax has launched a new high interest current account paying 5 per cent interest on credit balances.
While Abbey's move sounds too good to be true, Alliance and Leicester, a long-time challenger to the 'Big Four' banks - Lloyds TSB, RBS (NatWest), Barclays and HSBC - has a new Premier Direct Current Account paying 5% on credit balances and 'a lot more besides'.

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