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This is not an attempt to postpone the electoral process, but it is a clear and credible signal that the Constitution and the Electoral Code have been breached to the detriment of the Albanians.
Providing an upfront unconditional component to debt relief is critical to provide a strong and credible signal to markets about the commitment of official creditors to ensuring debt sustainability," the Fund said in a report on Greece.
The market reaction to the private placement announcement should only be positive if it is a credible signal of undervaluation of the issuing firm.
Paris needs to send a credible signal to the world that governments are serious about fighting climate change," he stressed.
7 million levied by IACD in relation to this case are among the highest ever imposed by any multinational development bank and send out a credible signal that the AfDB will not tolerate corrupt practices in any of its projects.
Rather, I was focused primarily on developing a credible signal that would broadcast a demonstrated commitment to continuous professional development, an attribute that others can't readily show in a resume.
The government has missed the opportunity to send a clear and credible signal of a strong democracy.
In this context, adopting tangible measures that underpin prudent fiscal policy is very much needed to send a credible signal to the markets.
93The conflict is dragging on, but the international community still refuses to send any credible signal to Damascus that it will protect the Syrian people or punish the regime for what it is doing.
Looking ahead, the best boost that Congress can provide to the economy is to send a credible signal that we are serious about cutting spending and eliminating job-killing regulations," he said.
We are very clear that a newly-elected government has to send a credible signal about its plans to eliminate the great bulk of that fiscal deficit over the lifetime of one parliament and to start immediately in 2010," he said.
Only a clear and credible signal to the Iranians, indicating the terrible price they will pay for attempting a nuclear strike against Israel, will prevent them from using their missiles.