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Even some of those touched directly by the crash were divided about Weller's culpability and what constitutes justice.
That's why the stock cars themselves are also designed to absorb energy: The outer part of the car crushes in a crash.
The airbag ECU continuously monitors the data received from the crash sensors, and by comparing this data to standard vehicle behavior, determines whether or not it is necessary to deploy the airbag.
Crash is the kind of movie that demands an explanation.
Actor and comedian Eddie Cantor joked that during the Crash he had tried to check into a New York hotel, asking for a room on the 19th floor.
The exchange rate was undoubtedly too high, and a gradual devaluation beginning in the late summer of 1997 would have been preferable to the crash in 1998.
Law enforcement should treat an aircraft crash site similar to a crime scene in order to protect the integrity of the area for NTSB accident investigators.
AH: In Crash (1973) and The Atrocity Exhibition (1970), you list perversions, mutilations, and unfortunate Intersections between flesh and metal.
Relatives of victims of a September air crash in Brazil between an airliner and a corporate jet sued the small plane's operator and Honeywell International in a US court on Monday.
The wreckage and remains in the desert west of Mojave were found last summer through the work of amateur ``wreck chasers,'' who scour the wilderness for old crash sites.
Phone records were used to compare phone use 10 minutes before an actual crash occurred with use by the same driver during the prior week, the IIHS said.
Engineers must coordinate all new air bag technology with the advanced seat belt features that are also under development, such as automatic tightening at the start of a crash.