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Debt restructurings in Kuwait have to get unanimous backing from creditors unless the negotiations are covered by the country's Financial Stability Law, which contains provisions to cram-down dissenters if a vast majority agree to a proposal.
For example, the long period of job losses and little new hiring may have created something of a cram-down effect.
Although the final version of the law (as enacted May 20, 2009) did not contain this cram-down provision, should the federal government consider such an approach in the future (if, for example, foreclosures continue to grow, as they have through the first half of 2009), it would be prudent to consider the significant red flags.
If we can get investors to accept a cram-down on the principal, that will help a lot.
Myth: There is disagreement about whether allowing bankruptcy cram-down -- reducing the loan amount to the property's value -- on primary residences will result in increased mortgage costs for consumers.
This is less a bailout than a soft cram-down (a reduction in the debt owed to creditors).
When I see that, I walk and wait for the cram-down round.
With objection by one or more creditor classes, the cram-down provisions of Chapter 11 apply.
In a cram-down, an oversecured lender may be forced by the court to extend financing under specified terms to the debtor consistent with the debtor's plan of reorganization as approved by other creditors.
Just like that, it came flooding in on us that four years had passed since any of us had used the words 'undervalued assets,' 'maximizing shareholder value,' 'exploiting synergies,' or 'replacing the equity stub with PIK Preferred cram-down paper.
Bankruptcy cram-down will be back with a vengeance--President-Elect Obama has signaled his support--and the net Republican losses in Congress mean our efforts to defeat this legislation will be even more difficult.