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Ingram notes, the evidence suggests that Coventry's individual craft guilds accomplished 'much revising and rewriting' of play-books, and, within the framework of the Corpus Christi Play, the city's guilds 'manipulated their pageants relatively freely'.
Each day of the show, a pop-up style street food cafe will host top chefs from the Craft Guild cooking with a mixture of fresh and frozen ingredients.
The three chefs in the Craft Guild of Chefs judging panel made some outstanding comments about the product, and the results show that it excelled in all areas including flavour, texture, packaging and cookability.
A team of jurists from the Craft Guild of Chefs independently judged, assesed, marked and provided comments on all the catering entries.
On the one hand we must consider the unskilled workers who were not members of a craft guild. On the other, we have those who did work within the corporate structures but had not, or had not yet, reached the position of master craftsman, that is to say, the apprentices and journeymen.
STEPHEN Duffy, head chef at Tre-ysgawen Hall Hotel, near Llangefni, Anglesey, has joined an elite band - he has just been appointed to the UK's Craft Guild of Chefs.
The visit has been chosen to launch a new scheme, the Liverpool International Construction Craft Guild, which links with the private sector to improve construction craft skills.
Willie, who is executive chef for Gardner Merchant corporate clients in Scotland, added: "I started to wonder who would be bold enough to cook for such an awards dinner where the Craft Guild of Chefs present their Oscars and 350 top chefs attend."
The college's 2016 win earned students the chance to compete alongside the Craft Guild of Chefs British team at the International Culinary Olympics, with chef lecturer and hospitality and catering lead Darren Creed going on to win a bronze medal.
Judges Carol Harwood, attending on behalf of LACA; Andrew Green, Director of Operations at the Craft Guild of Chefs; and Mark Rigby, Executive Chef at Premier Foods, will be putting the teams through their paces, marking them on taste and presentation.
The retail products are judged by panels of consumers throughout the UK and catering products are judged by an expert panel from the Craft Guild of Chefs.