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To generate additional returns above the dividend income earned on the portfolio, The Company engages in a selective covered call writing program.
In turbulent markets, such strategies as protective puts and covered call writing may address many of the risk management objectives for insurers.
After discussing how market efficiency and emotions can sabotage investment performance (the latter the province of the field of behavioral finance), he details newer portfolio-enhancing strategies: enhanced indexing, protected leverage, covered call writing, portable alpha, hedge funds and derivatives.
However, there are conservative options strategies, such as covered call writing.
Investors usually consider covered call writing to be a more conservative strategy than the outright purchase of common stock because the downside risk is reduced by the premium received for selling the call.
Uncovered (naked) call writing differs from covered call writing because the investor does not own the shares of the common stock represented by the option.
The survey reveals that covered call writing is the most important objective of investors who use options.
A primary incentive for covered call writing is to increase the income from a portfolio.