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a court order issued to a person or company requiring them to desist from behaving in ways which are harmful to other people. See CONTRACT, TORT.


A court order requiring a party to do something,or to stop doing something,until further notice.If the party fails to perform according to the injunction, then the party will be required to appear in court, defend his or her actions, and show cause why he or she should not be held in contempt of court.If held in contempt,the party may be ordered to pay a fine,may be jailed until the contempt is cured,or could suffer both consequences.

Injunctions come in three varieties:

1. Temporary restraining order (TRO). Usually obtainable with little or no notice to the defendant, sometimes as quickly as within an hour or so if the complaining party can convince a judge that there is immediate risk of irreparable harm if the restraining order is not issued.

2. Preliminary injunction. Usually issued after a TRO, if the judge decides that an injunction should remain in effect until such time as there can be a full trial on the merits of the case. Failure to obtain a TRO does not mean a judge will not issue a preliminary injunc- tion; it simply means the judge did not agree with the plaintiff's evaluation of the neces- sity for urgent action.

3. Final injunction. The final order issued by a court after it has heard all the evidence and legal arguments for and against the injunction. The order is a final order, from which the parties may appeal.

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UFJ Holdings had previously agreed to sell UFJ Trust to Sumitomo Trust, which filed for the court injunction.
The court injunction handed out on 14 February prohibits ALPA members from refusing to request or accept overtime flying work, and from engaging in any other actions which interfere with the carrier's operations, Reuters reported.
She faced arrest for defying a 1995 High Court injunction to prevent her from publishing the memoirs, which documented Charles's life with Princess Diana.
A three-month High Court injunction which was obtained in June banning Mrs Doherty from camping in Tamworth has now been made open-ended.
Facing a charge of criminal contempt for violating a court injunction, Lynch and Moscinski argued that their behavior was permissible because they are required by their religious beliefs to oppose abortion.
District Court injunction banning the addition of new members from SEGs.
He said he expects the government to seek a court injunction to enforce the latest ruling.
With the protesters again refusing to leave we had to resort to applying to a judge for a High Court injunction.
It's very easy to get a High Court injunction on a Friday and play a match on a Sunday but we need to get back to one hearing and one appeal.
A contoversial rave club faces more legal action after defying a court injunction ordering it to close.
City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said he plans to seek the breakup of ADL- LA or a court injunction prohibiting further harassment.
HARRODS owner Mo-hamed Al Fayed won a High Court injunction banning the scheduled broadcast tonight of a BBC programme about his tax affairs.