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First Industrial Realty Trust Inc (NYSE:FR) signed a note and guaranty agreement to issue USD150m of fixed rate senior unsecured notes in a private placement offering at a coupon rate of 3.97%, it revealed on Thursday.
De Leon said the auction committee is pleased with the turnout of the first-day auction for the 21st RTB, as tenders rose to P92.788 billion prompting the Treasury to award P66 billion, from the P30 billion on offer at a coupon rate of 4.875 percent.
The next Coupon Rate will be adjusted every 3 months.
When issued, the coupon rate on the bonds will be compounded quarterly and either converted into shares or repaid at maturity.
So we were able to price and get a lower coupon rate by virtue of the fact (that) it's priced off the five-year benchmark,' Bengzon said.
The ministry stressed that the coupon rate is comparable to the yields on Lebanese Eurobonds traded in the international markets over the past few months, and close to the coupon rate of the last issuance by the ministry in March 2017.
According to Nordea, the return and redemption date of the notes depend on the performance of the worst performing reference asset in a basket of equity indices (the reference asset(s)) and a coupon rate of indicatively 10.00%.
Summary: Azerbaijan's Southern Gas Corridor company completed the issuance of a 10-year Eurobond in the amount of $1.0bn, with a 6.875% coupon rate, payable semi-annually.
The ceiling coupon rate for AAA rated issuers shall be the reference G- sec rate less 55 basis points ( 100 basis point is one per cent) in case of RIIs and reference G- sec rate less 80 basis points in case of other investor segments, the circular said.
The bonds are comprised of seven year fixed rate bonds due in 2021 carrying a coupon rate of up to 5.5 percent per annum and ten-year fixed rate bonds due in 2024 which carries a coupon rate of up to 5.9 percent per annum.
The Regulation S / Rule 144A 10.5-year senior bond tranche carries a 4.875% coupon rate per annum, with 30-year tranche paying a 6.000% coupon rate per annum.