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Winner bidders will be paid their offered price and accrued interest calculated from issue date of original bills or bonds or last coupon date to previous date of buy-back, according to the BB circular.
375 per cent and are callable by the issuer after six years and every coupon date thereafter.
Under the terms of the deal, the instruments are callable on 15 December 2008 and every other coupon date thereafter.
30 per share outstanding at ex- coupon date, with the exclusion of the Company's own shares.
The notes, which will mature on April 26, 2013, carry an interest at 70 basis points above the average three-month Bankers Acceptance rate, on a floating rate basis at the settlement date of April 26, 2011, and each quarterly coupon date thereafter.
The results in this section hold at the ex coupon date.
Both the coupon payment and the accretion of the principal that occurs each coupon date for inflation-indexed bonds will be treated as income for tax purposes.
The variables used to build Mun-Ease databases include the dated date, delivery date, coupon date, principal payment dates, term dates, expected retirement dates, principal amounts of maturities, coupon rates, call price, credit enhancements, underwriter discount, original issue discount and miscellaneous costs.
The perpetual bonds are callable after five years at each coupon date.
Maximum Current Amount Maturity Settlement Date Amount Eligible for Coupon Date CUSIP of Repurchase Outstanding Repurchase 6.
Settlement Current Maturity Date of Amount Amount Coupon Date CUSIP Repurchase Repurchased Outstanding 7.
A further credit rating-related trigger in the US$500m of bonds maturing in 2017 and 2027 could potentially oblige repayment at the next interest coupon date, which, having taken account of the notification period, would fall in April 2003.