Coupon Bond

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Coupon bond

A bond featuring coupons that must be presented to the issuer in order to receive interest payments.
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Coupon Bond

A bond containing no ownership information and for which the physical bearer is presumed to be the owner. Coupons are physically attached to the bond and must be presented to the issuer to receive interest payments. Coupon bonds have not been issued in the United States since 1982, and thus they have become a significantly less important activity; most references to bearer bonds apply to very old bonds that have not yet matured. See also: Clipping.
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coupon bond

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Coupon Bond

A bond with interest coupons attached. The coupons are clipped as they come due and are presented by the bond holder for payment of accrued interest.
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The instrument which may be used to raise this level is the stepped coupon bonds, a novel solution non-existent on the Polish market.
An inflation-indexed bond that does not qualify for the coupon bond method (e.g., it is issued at a discount) is subject to the more complex discount bond method.
Instead, we used monthly total rates of return on zero coupon bonds with maturities of one, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen, and twenty years.
When you give a zero coupon bond, you know your gift has built-in growth value.
FINCA Armenia, a subsidiary of FINCA Impact Finance, has announced the issuance of AMD 1.4 billion (USD 2.8 million) in nominal, non-documentary coupon bonds, further diversifying its funding base, the company said.
Zero coupon bonds are obligations payable without interest at a fixed maturity date and issued at a deep discount.
Debt instruments that qualify as inflation-indexed debt will be subject to one of two methods to account for qualified stated interest and original issue discount (OID) on the instrument: the coupon bond method or the discount bond method.
These instruments were subject to "bifurcation" rules so that, for tax purposes, a MITT was treated as two separate instruments--a zero coupon bond (bearing original issue discount) and a cash settlement option on the S&P 500 index.
As of July 7, 1998, the Treasury zero coupon bond maturing on March 15, 2018, requires a $310 investment, a gift you can give a child.
business, acquires at original issue a zero coupon bond of Y, a U.S.
Demand for the Treasury's benchmark bond (2-year fixed coupon) and the 10-year fixed coupon bond auctions was muted.