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A subdivision of government in most American states. Most of the time, a county is a municipal level below the state government but above a city or township. Counties serve different purposes, depending on the state. In some states, they have courts and a sheriff's office. The chief prosecutor (district attorney) for an area is often employed at the county level. In Oklahoma and many other states, counties have jurisdiction over all land in their boundaries not otherwise incorporated into a city or other municipality. In some states like Maryland, counties have quite broad responsibilities, including the provision of public health services and education. On the other hand, counties have no authority in Rhode Island. In Louisiana, counties are called parishes. In Alaska, they are called boroughs. See also: ABCD Counties.


A political subdivision within a state. It is usually the largest government body within the state.In Louisiana,the equivalent is called a parish.

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The contract with the Hordaland county municipality covers the delivery of communications equipment and is valued at NOK15-20m over two years.
Norwegian intelligent transport and toll collection systems supplier Q-Free ASA said on Monday (24 November) that it had received an order for a total electronic ticketing system from the transport company Hedmark Trafikk and the Oppland county municipality in Norway.
Located in the Domaine-du-Roy regional county municipality, the arena has been under the ownership of the Municipality of Lac-Bouchette since 1985.
The study also showed that 56% of the respondents want to abandon the Danish amt, a county municipality or regional authority, reported the Danish news service Ritzau.
The county municipality of Akershus in Norway has awarded contracts for construction management services.
Sr-Trndelag county municipality is building new Heimdal high school and multi-purpose hall at Saupstad in Trondheim.
The project runs from 2017-2019 and is a collaboration between the Research Council of Norway and Finnmark County Municipality.
Nettbuss Hadeland AS has received a contract for passenger transport services from the county municipality of Oppland in Norway.
The regional department in Hordaland County Municipality wishes to enter into a contract with one or more suppliers for the delivery of competence assessment services.
The county municipality of Nord-Trondelag in Norway has awarded framework contracts for office and computer accessories.
Acting on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for CED, David Graham, Member of Parliament for LaurentidesLabelle, announced that the Antoine-Labelle regional county municipality (RCM) has been granted $50,525 in financial assistance, in the form of a non-repayable contribution, to develop a strategic plan based on the six priority issues identified by local stakeholders in order to consolidate and create jobs in the area.