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Cost per Thousand

In online advertising, the measurement of cost paid by an advertiser per 1,000 impressions of its advertisement. One impression is one view of the advertisement by a website viewer. Many websites, especially those with high traffic, charge advertisers on a per 1,000 impression basis. It differs from a cost per click scheme, in that the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the advertiser to be charged.


See Certified Property Manager.

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Again, no differences were found between groups in accelerometer activity counts per minute for the speeds of 54 m x [min.
17) Sedentary <100 counts per minute MVPA [greater than or equal to]1500 counts per minute * The Actical model has been validated in children.
7) Sedentary to light intensity activity is defined as 0 to 1,951 counts per minute, moderate intensity PA is defined as 1,952 to 5,724 counts per minute, and vigorous intensity PA is de fined as 5,725 or more counts per minute.