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Cost per Thousand

In online advertising, the measurement of cost paid by an advertiser per 1,000 impressions of its advertisement. One impression is one view of the advertisement by a website viewer. Many websites, especially those with high traffic, charge advertisers on a per 1,000 impression basis. It differs from a cost per click scheme, in that the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the advertiser to be charged.
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See Certified Property Manager.

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For example, the exposed SI for 5 ng/mL 4,4'-DDE was calculated as counts per minute of cells exposed to PHA plus 5 ng/mL 4,4'-DDE divided by counts per minute of cells exposed to only 5 ng/mL 4,4'-DDE.
Using the criterion of [greater than or equal to] 4 counts per minute for one spot in boards, AE searches successfully identified 22 of 25 infested boards (88%) at least once during four post-treatment searches.
From this we can calculate the counts per minute in the wells and determine how these cells have reacted functionally.
The larger detection arrays-monitor-any radioactivity via a microprocessor that displays alarms on a CRT screen or sends them to a digital or analog meter that records radiation counts per minute. A hand-held detector, equipped with a much smaller Nal crystal, works in a similar manner.
Radioiodinated [T.sub.3] ([I.sup.125]-[T.sub.3]) and [T.sub.4] ([I.sup.125]-[T.sub.4]; specific activities, 1,080-1,320 [micro]Ci/[micro]g; New England Nuclear, Boston, MA, USA) were used at approximately 5,000 counts per minute (cpm) per tube for [I.sup.125]- [T.sub.3] and 6,500 cpm per tube for [I.sup.125]- [T.sub.4].
Mean minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day (Mean MVPA) and mean accelerometer counts per minute (Mean CPM) were obtained for all children and best friends.