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With the project still in its early stages, organizers said that individual country allocations have yet to be determined, so it is not yet known how much would reach Lebanon.
country allocations are being prioritized in the relevant countries;
Country allocations and an independent production monitoring committee are also part of the deal, so we expect firmer compliance than for prior agreements.
This programme, managed by the World Health Organisation, is open to all West African countries, with flexible country allocations calculated according to the WHO's Roadmap and assessments of the relative severity of the epidemic in each country.
Previously, country allocations totaled 163,000 tons while 187,000 tons accounted for the so-called omnibus import volume.
The EU Delegation said country allocations are to be announced later this year.
I prefer investing through mutual funds whose managers have expertise and choice in controlling individual holdings and country allocations.
At this point, it's mostly speculation whether the importance of country allocations would be made more vulnerable in the GCC with the introduction of the monetary union, the dismantling of barriers to foreign ownership, or decline in home bias in the portfolio holdings of GCC investors.
The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) funds up to 25 participants in this course, with the balance of attendees financed from requesting country allocations or combatant commander discretionary funds.
FSA Account and Russia Aid ($ millions) List of Tables FSA Account Country Allocations
Its financial resources will be given,aon top of normal country allocations, to those countries that have made the most progress in implementing their action plans.
Under the global or so-called non-selective quota system it is envisioned to have a comprehensive quantitative limit, by product categories which would be divided amongst various country allocations with whom the United States has already bilateral agreements.