single-country fund

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Single-country fund

A mutual fund that invests in individual countries outside the United States.

Single-Country Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in the securities of a single country. While a single-country fund may be diversified in other ways (for instance, it may hold both stocks and bonds), it is usually exposed to political risk. Some analysts argue that in an age of globalization, there is little difference in single-country and multi-country funds, but others dispute that. See also: Country diversification, WEBS.

single-country fund

A mutual fund that invests in securities of one country. A single-country fund, for example, might invest only in securities issued in Australia.
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If you want to access these markets, a plethora of funds offer pan-regional exposure, while dedicated country funds and emerging market products will give you exposure to a more focused economic area.
All EMEA regional and country funds continued to suffer from outflows, with the region as a whole, recording outflows of $197 mln, or 0.
Geographically, Saudi Arabia country funds account for 62 per cent of the total, followed by Kuwait country funds with 19 per cent share.
The European Parliament's ECON Committee is about to take an approach to third country funds which will significantly damage pension savings of all Europeans.
In a letter to the four finance ministers, Geithner said he understood that a draft EU law currently under discussion "would discriminate against third country funds and fund managers by denying them the opportunity to access the EU single market.
The bank's seven index funds only cover developed markets, but it said that there is now scope for single emerging markets country funds.
To examine whether the findings are sensitive to fund type, I group the funds in the sample into three categories: country funds, regional and global equity funds, and global bond funds.
Both DIC and First Eastern manage successful specific country funds.
As detailed in a later section, this article classifies international mutual funds into three broad types: country funds (which are divided into two subcategories--developed and emerging markets), regional funds, and well-diversified funds.
GI covers American Depositary Receipts, closed-end country funds, WEBS, and foreign stocks based in the U.
In the second of a two-part series, ANDREW ALBUM looks at the spread and performance of single country funds in the region.
These country funds, however, appear to have a high correlation with the US stock market, a correlation far in excess of what their portfolio structure would suggest.