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Cost-of-Living Adjustment

An increase to a wage, salary, or pension designed so that the real value remains the same. That is, a cost-of-living adjustment increases the underlying wage, salary, or pension so that it keeps pace with (but does not run ahead of) inflation. Federal pensions and Social Security include cost-of-living adjustments, though few other pensions do.
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Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

A COLA results in a wage or benefit increase that is designed to help you keep pace with increased living costs that result from inflation.

COLAs are usually pegged to increases in the consumer price index (CPI). Federal government pensions, some state pensions, and Social Security are usually adjusted annually, but only a few private pensions provide COLAs.

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cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)

A change in payments, such as rent in subsidized housing, based on a change in the index that measures inflation.

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The pay offer would deliver 9.5 per cent cost of living increase over three years: 3.5 per cent for 2018-19, three for 2019-20 and three for 2020-21.
According to UNISON, which has 1400 members at Stirling Council, the new offer would deliver 9.5 per cent cost of living increase over three years.
Therefore, the $40 we may charge per lesson in 2016 is going to have less purchasing power in 2017, so a cost of living increase is necessary to ensure we can make the same profit margin each year.
He said: "I can announce therefore that from April, 2012, the basic state pension is forecast to be 17.1% of average earnings, a higher share of average earnings than in any year of the last Labour Government since 1997." He said: "At a time when the nation's finances are under severe pressure, this Government will be spending an extra pounds 6.6 billion in 2012-13 to ensure that people are protected against cost of living increases."
According to the terms of the contract he signed in late 2007 upon taking over as managing director of IMF, he received a base salary and allowance totaling almost $500,000, subject to cost of living increases.
Mark Rollings, Sort &Save project manager, said: "As the cost of living increases andWelsh families tighten their belts, many Welsh charities are feeling the strain.We are really pleased that TyeHafan has come on board and hope that this will be an added incentive for people when they consider what to do with their recycling."
The RPI is generally seen by trade unions and pensioners as more reflective of the real cost of living increases, thereby providing greater protection for pensioners on a fixed income.
Secretary-General Jamil Shehadeh headed the session.Of issue is the failure of the government to respond to demands that include cost of living increases. Also not met is the obligation to pay compensation awarded all teachers by the Council of Ministers for damages caused in 2008, the autumn during which the strikes first began.Salary delays have also surpassed by two days the period approved by the Union.When they began in the Gaza Strip, the strikes were largely considered political as part of the Hamas -- Fateh strife with human rights organizations asking that the internal conflict be kept out of the schools.
Boston has launched Visit the Pin, a tourism campaign primarily aimed at families feeling the pinch from higher gas prices and general cost of living increases. The campaign was designed to provide opportunities for families to have fun this summer by taking advantage of what the city has to offer.
Operating expenses of $2.97m increased only by 23pc, attributable to additional staff hired to develop the bank's growing business lines and cost of living increases.
The agreement includes some cost of living increases in the second and third years, and strengthens new investments in Chrysler's Ontario plants.
Neil March, of the PCS, said: "If Ofsted wants to avoid this industrial action it has to demonstrate a commitment to an improved offer with decent cost of living increases to all staff, instead of leaving significant numbers with no pay increase for two years and others with awards that are below even the Government's inflation figure.